Operations Policy And Procedure Notices #04/02



June 28, 2002


Remote Submissions of Subsequent Applications Pilot Using the P.C. Filing Program




Procedure for Remote Submission of Subsequent Applications



The Department is extending the scope of its P.C. Filing program to include the remote e-mail submission of most subsequent applications (those that do not require a fee). Currently, the data for these types of applications must be loaded on a diskette and physically transported to the borough office by the applicant or filing representative. If errors are encountered during the processing of these files, making corrections may require the applicant to return to their office and thereby causing added delay. By e-mailing the data file to DOB, the applicant can ensure that the data are correctly entered before appearing at the borough office. This gives the applicant the opportunity to correct any problems and avoid multiple trips to the borough office. After receiving confirmation that the file can be accepted, the applicant can submit supporting documentation or make an appointment with the appropriate borough plan examination staff. If successful, the Department may extend the pilot to include other types of applications.


This Pilot program will serve as a first step in developing a program and process for the remote submission of applications. Remote submission will reduce the need for applicants to appear at a DOB borough office and reduces demand on the Department's operations and resources. Also, promoting the use of the P.C. Filing program will reduce the demand on data entry units and increase accuracy because the applicant enters data directly. By allowing these files to be submitted remotely and checked to ensure they are acceptable, the need for corrective Post Approval Amendments (PAA) is also reduced. Finally, reducing the need for multiple trips to the borough offices will reduce the total number of visitors.


Download and view the process flow (118 kb)

The Pilot Program will only accept subsequent applications on NBs and ALT1s, (except for equipment (EQ) and curb cut (CC) work types, which have fees attached to them), and any subsequent filings on Fee Deferred or Fee Exempt applications. At this time no Post Approval Amendments (PAA) will be accepted.

Step 1) (Applicant) The applicant submits the P.C. Filing data file by attaching it to an e-mail that is labeled with the nine digit BIS job number and sending it to the Department's e-mail address for P.C. Filing.

Step 2) (DOB) A Department representative will process the data file in order to check for completeness or errors. Results of this error check will be e-mailed to the applicant.

Step 3) (DOB) If the application is rejected, the applicant will be notified of the errors and allowed to resubmit the application after corrections have been made. When a subsequent application is accepted, the applicant will be notified via e-mail to submit all required supporting documentation for the review and approval process at the respective borough office.

The Department will not consider the submission complete or accept the application for further processing until the required supporting documentation is submitted to the borough office. Approval, permitting and sign off procedures are not affected by this procedure. The attached Process Chart shows all of the appropriate actions to be taken by the applicant.


  1. Applicant enters the subsequent filing data in the PC Filing program (installed on users computer).
  2. When data entry is complete, the data are saved to a diskette.
  3. Applicant creates an e-mail message addressed to: pcfile@buildings.nyc.gov. Subject of e-mail must contain the nine digit BIS Job Number.
  4. Applicant locates the files labeled "PCFn.TXT" on the diskette and attaches these files to the e-mail. (Note: The file named "ImportPCF" need not be sent.)
  5. Applicant sends e-mail to DOB.

DOB staff:

  1. E-mail is opened by authorized DOB staff and each attached text file is saved in the "PCMail" folder.
  2. Using the BIS Job Number from subject line of the e-mail, the files are uploaded to BIS.
  3. The staff person then deletes the files from the "PC Mail" folder, clearing it for the next job.
  4. A reply to the original e-mail is then sent, advising the applicant if the upload was successful. If the upload failed, the reasons for the failure are noted.
  5. The processed e-mail are filed or archived appropriately.


  1. Applicant receives the e-mail with the results of the upload to the BIS system.
  2. 2. If the upload was not successful, applicant is advised how to correct and resubmit filing.
  3. If the upload was successful:
  • Non-Professionally Certified filings, the applicant calls the Centralized Appointment number (212) 227-8133 to schedule an appointment for the examiner. At the time of the appointment all plans and a signed/sealed copy of the PC Full Report are submitted to the examiner for review and completion.
  • Professionally Certified filings, the applicant brings all plans and a signed/sealed copy of the PC Full Report to the DEAR unit for review and completion.