Operations Policy And Procedure Notices #03/03


June 15, 2000


Pre-Building Information Systems (BIS) Job Application




This Policy and Procedure Notice (PPN) eliminates the reinstatement of a Pre-BIS job and an amendment to a Pre-BIS job. It requires a new application to be filed for approvals or permits to do work on any job that was filed prior to BIS implementation.


  1. Administrative Code sections 27-155 and 27-196
  2. Directive No. 117 of 1971 issued by Thomas V. Burke, Director of Operations, dated October 5, 1971.
  3. Form PW-1


Pre-BIS Job: A Pre-BIS job is a job that was filed prior to the implementation of BIS. The implementation date varied by borough and began in May of 1989 in Queens and ended in Manhattan in 1991. A Pre-BIS job can be identified by an application number which is alphanumeric and sequentially numbered by calendar year (i.e., NB 28/88, Alt 107/75, BN xxx). A job filed after the implementation of BIS will have a nine digit "mod-ten" number with the borough identifier as a prefix.


  1. Effective Immediately

    The Department will no longer accept or process a Pre-BIS job application or an amendment to a Pre-BIS application including a Public Assembly Application. Any change in the scope of an approved and/or permitted Pre-BIS job must be filed as a concurrent new application. An expired Pre-BIS application must be filed as a new application on the PW-1 form and will be assigned the nine (9) digit job number. Fees must be paid in accordance with current fee schedule. Except as stated in paragraph 2 below, all approvals issued for plans or applications submitted prior to the implementation of BIS will be void. No permit shall be issued for work associated with a Pre-BIS job.

  2. Exceptions

    The boroughs shall continue to have the discretion to issue administrative no work permits that are needed to sign off a Pre-BIS job that was filed, approved, permitted and for which all work was completed. If there is any work to be done on an approved and permitted Pre-BIS project or job, a new application must be filed and processed through BIS. In addition, an active Pre-BIS job does not have to be re-filed as long as there is no increase or change to the scope of work. An active job would include those with current permits or those pending other agency or special approvals such as the Board of Standards and Appeals or the City Planning Commission.