Operations Policy And Procedure Notices #03/03


March 4, 1999


Pre-filing Program


February 22, 1999


Administrative Code Section 27-3005, 27-3018 as amended by Local Law 65/1997, OPPN #8/98.


To provide an expedited telephone pre-filing process by which a licensed contractor may notify the Bureau of Electrical Control that necessary work has commenced prior to the written submission of an Application for Certificate of Electrical Inspection.


Eligible Work:

All electrical work except for the following:

  1. Electrical work which would involve the issuance of a temporary certificate for meter and service work. Applications involving such work will continue to be expedited by the Bureau when sufficient justification has been established.
  2. Electrical work which is related to a BIS application. That is to say, the electrical work is related to a larger scope of work filed by a professional on a PWI application with the Department of Buildings.
  3. Maintenance work.
  4. Any job with a start date more than five (5) business days from the date of pre-filing.

Note - All NYC licensed contractors are eligible to participate in the pre-filing program except firms on the Extended Review Program.


Before the commencement of electrical work the licensee must contact the Bureau of Electrical Control by phone at (212) 669-8458. At this time the licensee must provide his/her name, PIN#, license #, job address, owner name and phone #, a brief description of the work and location, start date and completion date. Once all the necessary information is obtained the licensee will be provided with a confirmation number.

No later than two weeks after the pre-filing date, the Bureau must receive a properly completed Application for Certificate of Electrical Inspection. Note - This must include the "Pre-Filed" notation detailed below.

Note -If the Pre-Filing is done by voice mail the licensee will receive a call back (or fax back) with the confirmation number. If this is not received within 24 Hrs. of the Pre-Filing call, it is to be assumed that the voicemail message was not received and the licensee must call again to Pre-File.

Application Submittal:

Any Application for Certificate of Electrical Inspection which involves a job that has been Pre-Filed, must include in the Location Comments area of Part "A" the wording "PRE-FILED" with the associated confirmation number.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that a licensee wishes to cancel a pre-filed Application with the Department, a completed "Application Cancellation Notice" must be received by the Bureau of Electrical Control's Director's office no later than two weeks after the pre-filing date. Such cancellation notices may be submitted by fax (212) 669-8364, hand or mail.

In the event that the Bureau, within two weeks of the Pre-Filing date, does not receive an Application for Certificate of Electrical Inspection, the Pre-Filing may be cancelled and if deemed necessary, an inspection performed.