Code Revision Updates

2014 Code Revision Updates

Additional Exit Stairway/Occupant Evacuation Elevator (OEE) Requirements

Under the 2014 NYC Construction Codes, new requirements for Additional Exit Stairway/Occupant Evacuation Elevators (OEE) in all new non-residential buildings greater than 420 feet in height go into effect for applications filed beginning July 1, 2015.

In addition, any mixed-use building above 420 feet in height that contains non-residential usage must comply with Building Code (BC) Section 403.5.2

On April 28, 2015 the City Council voted to approve the zoning text amendment that exempted the floor area from the additional exit stairway and additional exit stairway width from counting towards zoning floor area.

Applications filed prior to July 1, 2015 that meet the submittal requirements detailed in Buildings Bulletin 2014-015 are not required to comply with BC Section 403.5.2.

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Intro 1056-A Signed into Law

The City Council Committee on Housing and Buildings passed Intro 1056-A December 19, 2013 and it was signed into law as Local Law 141 December 30, 2013. The bill marks the culmination of the three-year revision cycle updating to the New York City Construction Codes (Administrative Provisions, Building, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, and Plumbing) to the 2009 I-Codes (International Code Council Codes)

Local Law 141 of 2013, in combination with Local Law 41 of 2012 (Plumbing revisions) reflects the hard work and dedication of over 300 participants including volunteer committee members, government employees, elected officials, representative stakeholders, industry professionals, and labor leaders.


Plumbing Code Revisions Local Law Signed

On August 8, 2012, Local Law 41 of 2012 the Plumbing Code Revisions Bill (Intro 807A) was signed into law.

The new law amends the NYC Plumbing Code by bringing it up to date with the 2009 edition of the International Plumbing Code and making amendments to the Code that reflect the unique character and needs of the City.

Local Law 41 of 2012 (Intro 807A) is the work product of the Plumbing Technical Committee and the Managing Committee. We thank the members of these committees for their expertise and tireless efforts, which have made these revisions possible.

Please note that this local law and the provisions contained therein, will become effective on the same effective date as Local Law 141 of 2013 (Intro 1056-A) which amends the NYC Building Code, Fuel Gas Code, Mechanical Code and the Administrative Provisions in Title 28.


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