Bushwick Jobs Board

The Bushwick Jobs Board was created as a tool to assist local job seekers and employers by consolidating employment and related information received by the board's office in a well-organized and easily accessible space. The project was informed by the board's Economic Development Committee and endeavors to better align and share opportunities as New Yorkers recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

In its current form, various opportunities, including employment, education, and professional development, are organized via a public drive by month (Ex. For July notices, select the folder labeled 7 - July). For more information about specific notices, please contact the organization/employer directly.

Content & Usage Notice:

  • The Bushwick Jobs Board is updated monthly, and content evolves regularly.
  • The Bushwick Jobs Board is available for viewing by the general public. If you have questions or suggestions for additional content, please contact the District Office at bk04@cb.nyc.gov or (718) 628-8400.
  • You do not need a Google email (Gmail) address to interact with these resources. Public resources are filed as PDFs to ensure universal access, and Google Drive is compatible with non-Gmail addresses as well as all Microsoft tools (Word, Excel, PPT, etc.). 
  • You do not need a laptop or desktop computer to interact with these cloud-based resources. The Bushwick Jobs Board is accessible by cell phone, tablet, or any other device able to connect to the internet.