The Community Board's general meetings are run according to Robert's Rules of Order. While the public is encouraged to attend and observe Community Board proceedings, only Board Members can discuss and vote on motions before it. The Community Boards were created by City Charter, and their roles and responsibilities are defined in Chapters 69 and 70. They must operate within all applicable City, State and Federal laws that govern public bodies. CB4 also has its own set of by-laws.

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We encourage the public to attend the Community Board's various Public Hearings, committee meetings, informational meetings and special events to actively participate in the community. All meetings of the Community Board are open to the public and are posted on our online Calendar.

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Note the board is on recess during July and August.

District Office Duties

The Community Board 4 District Office has two primary functions: to process citizen complaints and requests for services, and to provide administrative support for the Community Board. Community Board 4, like all the community boards within NYC, has an important advisory role in land use and zoning matters, the City budget, municipal service delivery, and, in general, the welfare of their community.

The District Office maintains all the public records of the activities of the Community Board and is responsible for setting up and preparing notices of all Community Board meetings and functions. Additionally, the District Office monitors the delivery of municipal services, reviews Street Activity Permit applications for street fairs, block parties and other street closures, and on a broad level acts as a resource center for the community, providing information and referrals pertaining to all City government matters. The District Office is a professional, non-partisan office. There are no fees for any services provided.


The Community Board, the District Manager, and the office staff serve as advocates and service coordinators for the community and its residents. They are usually successful in resolving the problems they address, although they cannot order any City agency or official to perform a task. If you have a municipal issue that you have not been able to resolve, do not hesitate to contact the board office at (718) 628-8400.

Types of Complaints CB4 Handles

Any complaint that involves a municipal service can be reported to the District Office.

We strongly encourage the use of the City's 311 system for reporting routine maintenance requests including but not limited to the following:

Potholes, traffic or street light malfunctions, tree pruning, missing or damaged signs, and clogged catch basins.

Report a Complaint

  • Call 311
  • Email us at
  • Contact the District Office at 718-628-8400, write to us, or visit our District Office during business hours.

Please note all pertinent information (exact location or street address, cross streets, days/hours, etc.) related to the type of complaint. Lack of sufficient information may delay our efforts to help resolve the problem.