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Multi-Service Agencies

BMS Family Health and Wellness Center

Services include Nutritionist Services/ Diabetes Class, Adult Medicine, Pediatrics, Dental, Optometry, WIC Program, Physical Therapy, OB-GYN, and Podiatry.

Address: 592 Rockaway Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 345-5000

Brownsville Heritage House Inc.

Services: Provide multi-cultural programs for youth, families, and senior citizens. They promote the expression and understanding of our vast cultural heritage (particularly the African-American and Latino cultures) with emphasis on literacy and developing educational skills. Services are provided to persons 3 to 21 years old and seniors. Resources are available to the adult population by appointment only.
Hours of Operation: By Appointment

Address: 581 Mother Gaston Boulevard
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 385-1111

Brownsville In Violence Out

Brownsville In Violence Out (a CAMBA initiative) works with the community towards ending violence by mediating conflicts on the spot, preventing retaliations, mentoring individuals at risk of being involved in gun violence, helping families heal from the loss of a loved one to violence, planning community activities and events to promote peace, and responding to incidents of violence.

Address: 1667 Pitkin Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (347) 782-2279

Brownsville Jobs Plus

Jobs-Plus is a proven, place-based employment program designed to increase the earnings and employment of working-age residents in designated public housing developments or a cluster of developments. Where implemented well, Jobs-Plus resulted in a 16 percent increase in average annual earnings for working-age public housing residents.

Address: 330 Powell Street
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (347) 599-9655

Brownsville Neighborhood Opportunity Network

The Brownsville Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON) is a network of community organizations, government agencies, local businesses, and community residents focused on connecting probation clients who live in the neighborhood to opportunities, resources, and services within the Brownsville community.

Address: 444 Thomas S. Boyland Street - Suite 106
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 345-1351

Brownsville Partnership

An initiative of Community Solutions, Inc., the Brownsville Partnership is an expanded homelessness prevention and community development initiative that takes a holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization. The Partnership is a combined initiative of high performing providers of housing, family support, education, and health services led by Community Solutions that is knitting together a bold plan for the physical and social renewal of the community in collaboration with community residents.

Address: 519 Rockaway Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (929) 252-9286

Brownsville Think Tank Matters, Inc

Brownsville Think Tank Matters, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) community service and youth empowerment not-for-profit community-based organization located in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York.

The mission of Brownsville Think Tank Matters (BTTM) is to create and implement constructive programs and projects that build communities by maximizing their resources, empowering their residents, revitalizing their images, and enhancing public safety.

Address: 48 New Lots Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 484-2485

Central Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation

CBEDC's primary objectives are to: Provide the Brownsville community with a safe and healthy environment, Promote high expectations for participants, Foster positive relationships with adults and peers, Encourage a sense of community, Support the needs of low-income families; Programs include Access Services - Each participant/family is unique, therefore an Individualized Plan is developed and tailored towards their needs along with the identification of immediate and long-term goals. Education and Career Counseling.
Address: 444 Thomas S. Boyland Street
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 498-4513/15

Community Services Housing Development Corp.

Provides counseling and referral assistance with various entitlement program applications, i.e.: SCRIE, Section 8, NYCHA, HEAP, and apartment applications.

Address: 1474 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11233
Phone: (646) 794-5961

Elite Learners

Elite Learners is a school and community-based organization providing athletic, educational, and mentorship programming to youth and their families to build community leaders. Their goal is to build a community support system that will positively impact future generations. They envision a community of mentors who partner with our youth, improve the neighborhood, and create socially, emotionally, and mentally prepared leaders.

Address: 45 Belmont Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (347) 221-0188

Hope and Healing Family Center

Hope and Healing Family Center is a community birthing services program focusing on empowering, educating, and strengthening family composition. They support the birth you want, offer physical and emotional support, help you deal with the unexpected, help you have an unmedicated birth, offer Dancing through Pregnancy referrals, support for fathers or partners, and breast milk depot.

Address: 444 Thomas S. Boyland Street
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (347) 384-1494

Jewish Board's Brownsville Child Development Center, The

The Jewish Board's Brownsville Child Development Center outpatient clinic serves families with infants, toddlers, and children up to age seven. The clinic offers a variety of services to support child development and wellbeing, including

1. Outpatient Clinic - early clinical therapeutic intervention. Service children ages 0-5 and parents with children ages 0-5.  These services help children and families overcome such challenges as difficult behaviors; social/emotional problems; sensory integration disorder; reactions to family changes of separation, divorce, illness, domestic violence, and trauma; as well as school difficulties and developmental delays. (Medicaid and private insurance accepted; sliding scale for uninsured; NYC DOE CPSE evaluation site.)

2. Early Intervention - A year-long intensive  home-based therapy program for children 0-2 years old.  A therapist will visit once a week with case management.  A full host of assistance is available through this program, including housing, food, etc.

3. Early Childhood Consultation – Contracted specialists in child/family development provide ongoing, on-site consultation to early childhood centers. Consultants observe children, meet with directors and teachers, conduct workshops, and offer parent guidance, including child development referrals for assessment and services when needed.

Address: 255 East 98th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 881-1524

Legal Hand

Legal Hand is a free walk-in legal resources center operated by the Center for Court Innovation in partnership with The Legal Aid Society, Legal Services NYC, and New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG). They provide legal information, assistance, and referrals to help community members resolve issues that affect their lives in areas such as housing, immigration, divorce and domestic violence, and public benefits. In addition, they offer notary services, public computer and printer use, and help with public assistance applications and voter registration.


Address: 650 Rockaway Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (347) 404-9585

Ocean Hill - Brownsville Coalition of Young Professionals

Address: P.O. Box 120032
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (347) 779-1350
Visit the Ocean Hill - Brownsville Coalition of Young Professionals Website

Power of 2

Power of 2 supports parents in providing their babies with the development foundation they need to become healthy, happy, successful adults.

Address: 21 Livonia Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 298-4611

RiseBoro Homebase Program

HomeBase seeks to help individuals and families living in overcrowded or unbearable living situations (subject to becoming homeless) find solutions to avoid entering the shelter system.

Address: 145 East 98th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (917) 817-3200

Riverdale Osborne Towers-Catholic Charities Bk/Qn

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens Young Adult Internship Program (YAIP) is a 14-week internship program for low-income New York City young adults aged 16-24 who are not working and not in school. YAIP is composed of a 2- to 4-week orientation conducted by selected community-based organizations followed by 10- to 12- week paid internships that offer structured work opportunities. This year-round program incorporates ongoing education, as well as other participant and employer supports.  The program also includes post-internship engagement such as workshops and alumni activities and events.

Address: 440 Watkins Street
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (347) 915-0530

Saboath Group Inc., The

The Sabaoth Group, Inc. is a faith-based, nonprofit organization based in East Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2002, its mission is to improve the quality of life standards for residents of East New York and Brownsville by providing advocacy and connecting them with health and human services, and fostering empowerment through community organizing and activism. The Sabaoth Group, Inc. achieves this by acknowledging the interrelationships between housing, education, culture, employment, childcare, healthcare, recreation, and neighborhood security. TSG, Inc. will implement service plans that will empower residents to effect change in their lives, at home and in their community.

Address: 774 Rockaway Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 495-0153

SCO Preventive Services

Through a combination of center-based workshops and counseling, SCO works closely with families who have experienced crises and helps prevent crisis situations in the future.
Areas Served: 11212 and 11233 Zip Codes

Address: 519 Rockaway Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 342-4254
Visit the SCO Preventive Services' Website

Seamen's Society for Children and Families

The Society's goal is to build a brighter future for their families and for the young people who use their services - particularly their Independent Living and Youth Service programs. They are committed to their mission of helping young people plan for their future and empowering them to set high expectations for themselves by: Recruiting and training the best foster parents to care for their children, providing a smooth and swift adoption process to secure permanency for children who cannot return to their birth parents, developing youth programs that prepare foster children and community youth for the world or work, initiating an effective education program to help foster children and other society youth achieve their full scholastic potential, and providing scholarship assistance to their high school graduates while they attend college or pursue specialized vocation education.
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 4:45 PM (Monday-Friday)

Address: 1668 Pitkin Avenue, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 447-7740

Urban Strategies, Inc.

Services: Youth Employment (ages 17 to 21), Headstart and day care centers, Teen Pregnancy program (ages 10-17), Transitional Shelter (16-21), Maternity Shelter, Low income housing, Youth build (ages 17-24)

Address: 294 Sumpter Street
Brooklyn, New York 11233
Phone: (718) 919-3600

Women's Prison Association

Women's Prison Association's Family Treatment & Rehabilitation Program (FT/R) promotes safety and well-being of children in high risk families when a caretaker or child's substance use or mental health disorder places the child at risk of foster care placement or replacement.

Address: 2632 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11207
Phone: (718) 687-4720

Youth Design Center

Youth Design Center is a non-profit on a mission to reduce the number of disconnected youth in Brownsville by lowering their barriers to entry to the STEAM professions and increasing their relevant experience in the innovation economy. Youth Design Center offers studios and mentorship in 3D design, printingmaking, painting, 3D modeling, and fabrication, photography, coding/WDD/robotics, graphic design, video, and animation.

Address: 47 Belmont Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11212
Phone: (718) 513-1115