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How to contact the Community Board Office?

  • The Board's physical office is currently closed due to the permanent closure of 444 Thomas S. Boyland Street.  While we relocate, the best way to contact us is:

What specifically does the Board do?

Specific responsibilities for the community board include:

  • Public hearings and reports to the City Planning Commission as the first step in the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) for reaching decisions on local zoning, City map changes, capital project site selection, franchises, acquisitions and disposition of City property and other matters.
  • Public hearings and reports to the City Planning Commission on comprehensive plans involving the district.
  • Public hearings and reports to the Board of Standards and Appeals on zoning variances and certain special permits.
  • Consultation with City agencies in the development of their departmental estimates of the expense and capital budgets and capital programs.
  • Consultation with the Borough Board in the development of borough projects.
  • Public Hearings and recommendations to the City Council and Mayor on the departmental estimates.
  • Monitoring the performance of City service agencies in the district.
  • Reviewing and advising on the scopes, designs and progress of capital projects.
  • Providing an information and complaint services center.
  • Assisting City departments and agencies in making contact with and transmitting information to the residents of the district.

What are the needs of Community District #16?

View the Statement of Community District Needs for FY 2024