Long-Term Planning Program

Community Visioning Series

What is the Community Visioning Series?

Our community visioning sessions provide an opportunity for the Board to have direct engagement with community members through educational and discussion-based workshops to understand their local needs and formulate a vision for our District’s future based on their ideas.

Community Visioning Series Schedule

What is the Purpose of the Community Visioning Series?

  1. Informed Decision Making
    • Better represent our constituents when we complete our annual District Needs Statement and budget recommendations for the Bronx Borough President’s office.

    • Keep city service agencies informed about deficits and improvements that need to be made in the District.

    • Represent local interests accurately when working or collaborating with local elected officials, developers, or community-based organizations.

  2. Collecting up-to-date information about the needs and desires of our constituents helps the Board:

  3. Thinking Long Term
  4. While everyday issues often make up the Community Board’s focus, it is also our responsibility to think about the future of our District. The Community Board wants to make sure plans being made by the city, other levels of government, or developers reflect our desires. By taking the time now to think about the future, we will be more prepared to participate when key decisions are being made about our community.

  5. Outreach and Awareness
  6. A major benefit of engaging the community directly through the Visioning Series is that it helps people become aware of all the services and opportunities the Community Board can provide or connect people with. Bronx Community Board 9 represents almost 200,000 residents alone. It is a permanent mission of the Board to reach and engage as many of these constituents as possible. Creating new initiatives like the Visioning Series is key to reaching new people.