Executive & Operations

The Executive & Operations Committee consists of the Chairperson of the Board, the First Chair, the Second Chair, the Secretary and the Treasure of the Board. In addition the Committee Chairs and the District Manager sit in the meeting. This committee creates policy and recommendations in regards to the operation of the Board.

  • Chair: Brandon Ganaishlal

  • 1st Vice Chair: Mohammad Mujumder

  • 2nd Vice Chair: Vacant

  • Secretary: Angel Martinez

  • Treasurer: Henry Pelayo

Land, Zoning, Planning & Economic Development Committee 

The Land, Zoning, Planning & Economic Development Committee represents the community's interests with regard to evaluating, preserving and protecting the use of land and buildings in the area comprising Bronx Community Board No. 9,  including the conduct of the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) and related hearings, with attention to zoning, landmark, building and fire code regulations, and acts as a liaison between community members and local institutions, community organizations and local businesses to develop community friendly long range development strategies and plans, working with city agencies to secure enforcement of, affect change in, and assist in application of city laws and regulations governing all land use issues as they impact our community.

  • Chair: Mitchell Halpern

  • Vice Chair: Twywana Bush

  • Ahmat Jallo

  • Andrea McLeod

  • Kevin Kiernan

  • Linda Soto

  • Sinade Wadsworth

Community Board Review

Within sixty (60) days of receiving the certified application, the Community Board is required to hold a public hearing and adopt and submit a written recommendation to CPC, the applicant, the Borough President and when appropriate, the Borough Board. The ULURP rules include provisions relating to the notice and conduct of a Community Board public hearing. ULURP provisions also govern the quorum, vote and content for a Community Board recommendation. If a Community Board fails to act within its time limit or waives its right to act, the application proceeds to the next level of review.


Zoning shapes the city. Zoning determines the size and use of buildings, where they are located and, in large measure, the densities of the city's diverse neighborhoods. Along with the city's power to budget, tax, and condemn property, zoning is a key tool for carrying out planning policy. New York City has been a pioneer in the field of zoning policy since it enacted the nation's first comprehensive Zoning Resolution in 1916.

NYCHA & Housing

The NYCHA & Housing Committee represents the community's interests with regards to housing related matters and concerns, namely in relation to NYCHA, and acts as a liaison between community members and the New York City Housing Authority as well as local property owners and management teams.

  • Chair: Antionette Vereen

  • Vice Chair: Vacant

  • Anne Johnson

  • Jennifer Sayers

  • Loretta Masterson

  • Miriam Sanchez

  • Norma Saunders

Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Committee represents the community's interests with regard to parks, park services and all park related matters and acts as a liaison between parks users and the New York City Parks Department.

  • Chair: Chiene Jones

  • Vice Chair: Vacant

  • Abunoman Rahman

  • David Marin

  • Lena Johnson

  • Sadie Davis

  • Victor Cordero

Public Safety & Transportation

The Public Safety & Transportation Committee represents the community’s interests with regards to sanitation, crime, fire-ems, quality of life, NYS liquor license application recommendations, street activity permit applications, street re-naming application, transportation and acts as a liaison between community members and the New York Police Department & Fire Departments, NYC Department of Environmental Protection, NYC Department of Sanitation, NYC Department of Transportation, & NYS Liquor Authority.

  • Chair: Shante Chamble

  • Vice Chair: Isabelo Adames

  • Elizabeth Angeles

  • Henry Pelayo Jr.

  • Juan Torres

Social Services

The Social Services & Housing Committee represents the community’s interests with regards to social services including senior services, disability, veterans and housing concerns and acts as a liaison between community members and the NYC Human Resources Administration, Department of Homeless Services, Department of Aging, New York City Housing Authority, and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The Disability Sub-Committee is under this committee.


Social Services Board Members:

  • Chair: Daniel Porro III

  • Vice Chair: Vacant

  • Alizia McMyers

  • James Tynan

  • Margia Shiriti

  • Md Alauddin

  • Sarwan Jahan 

  • Sharyn Brown

Seniors Connected

Seniors Connected has a mission to share Community, City and Nationwide resources and services with the seniors in Community Board 9. Our objective is to get seniors involved in community activities, share important information, and help seniors stay connected to current and future events. Our hope is to help keep seniors alert and aware of what is happening within their community and in the city and encourage their input and participation

  • Chair: Vacant

Youth & Education

The Youth & Education Committee represents the community’s interests with regards to education and programs that target the youth and acts as a liaison between community members and the NYC Department of Education including Parent Advocates, PTA’s, Educators and Principals, School Safety, the Administration for Children Services, the District Attorney’s Office, NYC department of Youth & Development and local organizations and nonprofits.

  • Chair: Monique Farrington

  • Vice Chair: Vacant

  • Lashei Deoleo

  • Lenora Easter

  • Nellie Santiago-Rivera

  • Ram Halder

  • Wajied Hakim