Board Staff

The Board has two offices – a downtown Manhattan office at 2 Lafayette, FL 12 Suite 1221, and a Rikers Island office in the George Motchan Detention Center (GMDC).

Executive Director

Amanda Masters, Executive Director (Contact the Executive Director)
Denise Upshaw, Director of Policy & Communications


Danielle Ortega, Director of Human Resources & Budget
Shern Varghese, Director of Information Technology
John Huang, IT Systems Support Engineer
Regina Gumerova, Office Manager
Tonya Glover, Executive Assistant

General Counsel

Jasmine Georges-Yilla, General Counsel
Melissa Cintron Hernandez, Deputy General Counsel
Brian Gonzalez, Legal Associate
Rahzeem Gray, Director of Special Investigations
Imahnni Jeffries, Special Investigations Coordinator
Joshua Acquaye, Appeals Coordinator

Monitoring & Research

Chai Park Messina, Acting Deputy Executive Director of Monitoring & Research

B. Baily, Director of Violence Prevention
B. Melendez, Director of Public Accountability
K. Blackman, Director of Environmental Safety
S. Augustin, Director of Programming and Community Support
S. Pearson, Director of Physical and Mental Well Being
A. Garcia, Standards Specialist
D. Acosta, Standards Specialist
E. Castellar, Standards Specialist
Heather Burgess, Senior PREA Research Associate
J. McFarlane, Standards Specialist
J. Ramon, Standards Specialist
K. Reynolds, Standards Specialist
Runa Khan, Research & Compliance Associate
V. Ezeji, Standards Specialist

The Board's Monitoring & Research Team serves as BOC's "eyes and ears" in the City's jails. They have unfettered access to the jails and people in custody in order to promote compliance with the Board's Minimum Standards, and they use complaint-based investigations, qualitative and quantitative research, and innovation to bring transparency to conditions in NYC jails, and to recommend improvements to protect those who live and work in the jails from further harm.