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Become a Voucher Provider

How Do I Become a Voucher Program or Provider?

Thank you for your interest!  Programs or providers that are licensed by DOHMH or OCFS to provide child care must be approved by ACS in order to enroll children with a child care voucher.

If you are interested, please fill out and submit the Child Care Program/Provider Enrollment Application along with supporting documents, including your W-9 form and a copy of your permit, license, or registration from NYC DOHMH or NYS OCFS. The application and checklist of required documents can be found on our Forms for Providers page.

Once you're enrolled with ACS, you will be able to accept and receive payment for families who have received a voucher from ACS or HRA and wish to enroll their child(ren) in your program.

For support with filling out the application, please contact the CFWB Call Center at (212) 835-7610 or email

How Do I Become an Informal or Legally-Exempt Child Care Provider?

To become an informal or legally-exempt provider, you must complete a legally-exempt child care enrollment form and have the parents or guardians of the children you care for complete and sign the "Parent Information Section" of the form. All application forms for informal or legally-exempt providers can be found on our Forms for Providers page.

All legally-exempt or informal child care providers must be approved, enrolled, and monitored by the Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco), a nonprofit organization contracted by New York State to perform this work.

All completed forms should be submitted to ACS; we will coordinate with WHEDco to ensure all forms are reviewed. One set of forms should be submitted per family. Informal and Legally Exempt providers who are not registered with ACS must also be enrolled with ACS via the process described above. More information on which forms are required can be found on the application checklist, found on our Forms for Providers page.

Note: Informal or Legally-Exempt Providers requesting to provide child care services to children in families receiving or applying for Cash Assistance should submit the necessary forms to the parent's HRA Job Center.