Research Opportunities

The WTC Health Registry  welcomes proposals for new studies from external researchers.

Researchers may complete and submit an application to request de-identified survey data and/or request that the Registry facilitate recruitment of enrollees into the researcher’s study. Applications are restricted to projects whose purpose is to support 9/11-related medical, or public health or other scientific research.

All applications are reviewed by the seven-member WTC Health Registry’s External Review Committee, which consists of representatives from the Registry's scientific, community, and la-bor advisors, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), and the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. The External Review Committee reviews applications for scientific value and the expected contribution to study participants and the community.

If the application is approved, the Registry will provide a letter of support for the external researcher’s  grant application, upon request.

How to Apply

Contact the Registry to discuss your ideas prior to submitting an application.
Attn: Director of Research, WTC Health Registry
Phone: (866) 692-9827

Once an application has been approved, it should be submitted to the researcher’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), and depending on the project, it may need to be submitted to the Health Department’s IRB.

Approved researchers may also be required to sign a Data Use Agreement with the Health Department.

Registry Collaboration

It may be beneficial to explore collaborative opportunities in light of Registry scientists’ experience and familiarity with the study population and data.

Financial Support

The Registry does not provide financial support to external researchers. However, we may provide in-kind support to approved projects.

WTC Health Registry Toolkit

WTC Scientific Bibliography

The WTC Scientific Bibliography is updated regularly and provides links, where possible, to research that has been published during the current calendar year.  The research is organized into the following categories: