About Select Bus Service

Select Bus Service is New York City's version of Bus Rapid Transit: an improved bus service that offers fast, frequent, and reliable service on high-ridership bus routes. Completed in much less time and at much lower cost than subways—which take years to construct and require expensive up-front infrastructure and equipment—Select Bus Service offers a more immediate improvement to New York City’s transit network benefitting the entire city through improved mobility, cleaner air, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced congestion.

Designed to provide rail-like service, Select Bus Service uses techniques and technologies such as dedicated bus lanes, off-board fare collection and transit signal priority to improve the quality and performance of transit and, in turn, to improve mobility and access in the neighborhoods that it serves.

Select Bus Service projects are also designed to make bus service easier to use, through features like bus bulbs, and high quality passenger information and overall attention to pedestrian and vehicular safety. Select Bus Service features can also be applied individually in locations not appropriate for the full Select Bus Service treatment.

General Bus Information

For general information about all New York City buses and subways including route maps, schedules, construction, and delays, please visit the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) website.