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May 7, 2013

Manhattan Public Hospitals Launch Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

HHC Mother's Day Campaign in May Urges Women to "Dedicate" Their Mammogram to a Loved One, Uses Facebook and Twitter to Engage Patients and Staff

New York, NY ― The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) today announced a Mother's Day breast cancer awareness campaign that asks Manhattan women to dedicate their mammogram to a loved one during the month of May to stress the importance of annual mammograms and preventive screenings.

The "I Dedicate" campaign will feature more than 90 educational and cancer screening events at HHC's 11 hospitals and six large health centers for patients, staff and the public - including dozens of events in Manhattan - where women over 40 will be urged to schedule a mammogram. The campaign encourages women to visit HHC's social media pages on Facebook and Twitter or an HHC facility to dedicate their mammograms to a family member or loved one in their lives. Patients and members of the public also will be able to write a special mammogram dedication and enter a contest on Facebook for a chance to win an iPad mini. And the HHC logo will go pink for the month to raise awareness.

"Mammograms are the most important tool for early detection of breast cancer, and HHC hospitals and health centers are committed to promoting and providing this life-saving screening at little or no cost," said HHC President Alan D. Aviles.

HHC has traditionally targeted May and Mother's Day to create awareness about the benefits of breast cancer prevention, screening and early detection.

 For breast cancer awareness, Dr. Susan Sanelli-Russo dedicates her mammogram to all mothers with cancer.

Dr. Susan Sanelli-Russo

Women can learn more about breast cancer prevention and treatment including:

  • HHC doctors performed more than 101,000 mammograms last year.
  • Beginning at age 40, women should start having a mammogram every one to two years.
  • If you have a family history of breast cancer, you should talk to your doctor about having mammograms before 40.
  • Early detection is key: there are more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S.

HHC doctors actively encourage women over 40 to get regular, confidential mammograms regardless of their ability to pay, lack of health insurance or immigration status.

The "I Dedicate" breast cancer awareness campaign features a number of HHC employees who have lent their voices and stories to this important cause.

Dr. Susan Sanelli-Russo dedicates her mammogram "to all mothers who face a breast cancer diagnosis." Marisol Perez, a Vascular Services Coordinator, dedicates her mammogram "to undocumented immigrant women because many of them fear deportation more than illness. They live their lives without preventive screenings, like mammograms, until it's too late and the diagnosis is devastating." And Vivian Morgan, Radiology Supervisor in a Mammography Unit at HHC, dedicates her mammogram "to all my patients because when they come in crying, we cry together. And when they're in remission, we laugh together. That's the best part of my job."

Other dedications can be viewed on HHC's website.

Infographic on NYC HHC breast cancer awareness data.

Sources: HHC, NYC Health Department, American Cancer Society

"Today, early detection and treatment, along with improvements in cancer research and health awareness, are giving millions of women the chance of surviving cancer," said Dr. Valerie Katz of the Breast Center at Lincoln Medical Center. "When breast cancer is detected and treated at its earliest stage, survival is 99%. In the fight against this disease, preventative screenings continue to be a most important tool and it is recommended that women over 40 get a mammogram and a breast examination by a doctor on a yearly basis."

HHC patients and staff will also be able to go on to  and access images with the words "I dedicate my mammogram to my," and select from more than a dozen choices of special people -- mothers, sisters, husbands or sons -- and pick one that's most relevant to them.

All HHC hospitals, diagnostic and treatment centers, and community health clinics will feature an "I Dedicate" recognition wall for staff and patients to post pink ribbons with their dedication and help encourage others to schedule their mammogram.

Please attend one of the breast cancer awareness and informational events being held throughout the month of May at HHC hospitals and health centers in Manhattan listed below. For more information about the NYC public hospital system, go to the HHC website:



Bellevue Hospital Center
Atrium – Lobby
462 First Avenue
Tuesdays: May 14 & 21
Thursdays, May 16 & 23
10am – 2pm
(212) 562-4384

Harlem Hospital Center
Mural Pavilion – Women's Imaging, 2nd Floor
506 Lenox Avenue
Monday – Friday, May 7 - 31
8am – 10am & 4pm – 6pm
Saturdays: May 11, 18 & 25
8am – 6pm
(212) 939-4291

Metropolitan Hospital Center
1901 First Avenue
Thursday, May 9
10am – 2pm
(212) 423-7993

Eddie Jr's Hair Salon *
1604 Madison Avenue
Saturday, May 11
10am – 3pm
(212) 423-7993

* Scheduled mammograms will take place at Metropolitan Hospital.


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