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Medical Directors

Bellevue Hospital Center
Nathan Link, M.D., 212-562-4743

Coler Rehabilitiation and Nursing Care Center
Yolanda Bruno, M.D., 212-848-6300

Coney Island Hospital
John Maese, M.D., 718-616-4803

Cumberland Diagnostic and Treatment Center
Cynthia Boakye, M.D., 718-260-7501

East New York Diagnostic and Treatment Center
Marcellus Walker, M.D., 718-240-0516

Dr. Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Steven Kaner, M.D., 718-245-7467

Elmhurst Hospital Center
Jasmin Moshirpur, M.D., 718-334-2385

Gouverneur Health
William Bateman, M.D., 212-238-7443

Harlem Hospital Center
Maurice Wright, M.D., 212-939-3872

Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital and Nursing Facility
Yolanda Bruno, M.D., 646-686-0059

Jacobi Medical Center
Joseph Skarzynski, M.D., 718-918-4606

Kings County Hospital Center
Ghassan Jamaleddine, M.D., 718-245-3921

Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
Addul Mondul, M.D. - Acting, 718-579-5235

Metropolitan Hospital Center (Acting Chief Medical Officer)
Gregory L. Almond, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., 212-423-8131

Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Center
David John, M.D., 718-960-2793

North Central Bronx Hospital
Joseph Skarzynski, M.D., 718-918-4606

Queens Hospital Center
Jasmin Moshirpur, M.D., 718-883-4284

Renaissance Health Care Network Diagnostic and Treatment Center
Reba Williams, M.D., 212-932-6616

Sea View Hospital Rehabilitation Center
Maria Pablo, M.D., 718-317-3268

Segundo Ruiz Belvis Diagnostic and Treatment Center
Amanda Ascher, M.D., 718-579-1774

Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center
Edward R. Fishkin, M.D., 718-963-8569

MetroPlus Health Plan
Van Dunn, M.D., 212-908-8726 

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