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Elmhurst in the News Archive

December 26, 2013: Queens Chronicle -- Elmhurst Hospital Center contributes to The 19th Annual Queens Chronicle Toy Drive

December 18, 2013: Queens Gazette -- Elmhurst Hospital Center provides complete Thanksgiving dinners to 92 families

December 16, 2013: NY Daily News -- Dr. Jamie Ullman discusses pedestrian injury and motor vehicle accidents

December 15, 2013: Newsday -- Dr. Jamie Ullman talks about pedestrian injury following the Citywide Pedestrian Injury Summit

December 13, 2013: Streetsblog.org -- Following the Citywide Pedestrian Summit doctors from Elmhurst Hospital Center express their concerns with pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents

December 11, 2013: Queens Gazette -- Former Queens Borough President Helen Marshall is given a heartwarming departure by EHC’s Community Advisory Board

December 9, 2013: DNAinfo -- Famous Famiglia will donate opening day profits to EHC's "Helping Kids Heal" fund

December 4, 2013: Queens Gazette -- Elmhurst Hospital Center will host a Citywide Pedestrian Injury Summit to increase awareness and offer preventative strategies

December 2, 2013: NY1 -- Dr. George Agriantonis details some trauma center protocols

December 5, 2013: NY1--Coordinated Procedure Allowed Large Numbers to be Treated at Once Following Derailment

October 17, 2013: Queens Tribune--Congresswoman Grace Meng Hosts Affordable Care Act Seminar at Elmhurst Hospital Center

October 4, 2013: NY1-- Executive Director Christopher Constantino talks about Elmhurst Hospital Center Emergency Room Expansion

August 1, 2013: The Queens Courier-- Elmhurst street named for AIDS activist

July 10, 2013: DNAinfo New York-- Elmhurst Greenmarket Brings Fresh, Organic Produce to Neighborhood

July 10, 2013: Gazette-- Elmhurst Hospital Center Hosts First annual Pediatric Health and Safety Fair

June 8, 2013: Times Ledger--Elmhurst greenmarket opens for third consecutive year

May 22, 2013: Gazette--Elmhurst Hospital Center to Receive LIVESTRONG Foundation Grant to Advance Palliative Care In Queens

May 13, 2013: New Yorker--New Yorker profiles Dr. Joseph Lieber as a source of guidance in clinical education

April 26, 2013: Times Ledger--Elmhurst Hospital ranked one of safest hospitals for angioplasty

January 2, 2013: Queens Courier--First babies of 2013 born in Queens

January 1, 2013: Daily News--New Year's Baby Born at the Stroke of Midnight at EHC

January 1, 2013: ABC--2 NY Hospitals claiming first births of 2013

January 1, 2013: El Diario--Parents Welcome First Baby of 2013

January 1, 2013: NY1-- Two Queens Babies Share Honor of First Baby Born in 2013

October 11, 2012: Queens Chronicle--Child Life Specialists Improve Hospital Visits

September 18, 2012: QueensLatino--Healthcare for victims of 9-11 at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens

August 30, 2012: Queens Gazette--Congressman Joseph Crowley Visits EHC to Learn About Medical Record System

August 1, 2012: NY1--Collaborative in Local Hospitals Helps Doctors Learn to Identify, Treat Sepsis

July 26, 2012: Queens Chronicle-- New $1 Million Dollar Hospital Unit Opens Doors

July 26, 2012: TIMES Ledger--New Hospital Unit Heals Pains

July 25, 2012: El Diario-- Elmhurst Hospital Center Opens New Unit

July 24, 2012: NY1-- Elmhurst Hospital Center Opens New Chest Pain Unit

July 18, 2012: NY1--Experts Offer Tips For Healthier Ramadan

July 13, 2012: Times Ledger--Elmhurst greenmarket opens for its third year

July 12, 2012: Queens Chronicle--Lots of incentives for market shoppers

July 11, 2012: The Queens Courier--The Affordable Care Act: What It Means for Immigrants

June 14, 2012: The Queens Courier--Translator busted for scamming patients

May 10, 2012: NY Daily News--Elmhurst Hospital Center set to celebrate

May 10, 2012: Queens Chronicle--Elmhurst Hospital celebrates 180 years

May 9, 2012: Queens Gazette--New Healthcare pavilion scheduled for Elmhurst Hospital Center

November 10, 2011: NY1--EHC and Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras Co-Host Forum on Services for Victims of Sexual Assault

November 5, 2011: NY1--Queens Borough President Helen Marshall Highlights EHC's Safe Haven Program

October 7, 2011: Times Ledger--Torture Victims Land at Elmhurst

October 1, 2011: NY 1--New York City Council Honors EHC's Libertas Center

September 13, 2011: Queens Ledger--Elmhurst Hospital Center Health Program Motivates Employees

August 3, 2011: Queens Ledger--Elmhurst Hospital Center Wins Greencare and IPRO Awards

July 14, 2011: Queens Ledger--Dr. Joseph Masci and Dr. Maurice Policar on Vatican HIV Conference and EHC's HIV/AIDS Treatment Program

June 16, 2011: NY Daily News--Elmhurst Hospital Center and Ethiopian Doctors Team Up to Fight HIV

May 19, 2011: Times Ledger--Elmhurst Hospital Center Opens New Memorial Walkway

May 18, 2011: Times Ledger--Elmhurst Hospital Center Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

April 4, 2011: NY1--EHC Director of Nutrition Jey Hwang on Eating Healthy in Restaurants

March 25, 2011: Times Ledger--Festival to Serve Up Many Flavors of Elmhurst

March 25, 2011: NY 1--Elmhurst Hospital Center's Cyrus Zavieh is Queens Person of the Week

March 24, 2011: El Diario--Dr. George Alonso on Immigrants and Tuberculosis

March 22, 2011: Long Island City Journal--Elmhurst Hospital Center Decon Trailers

March 20, 2011: New York Daily News--Libertas Program at Elmhurst Hospital Center

March 16, 2011: NY 1--Elmhurst Hospital Center Patients Get a Lesson in Clowning Around

March 16, 2011: NY 1--Dr. Dinali Fernando and the Libertas Program Help Torture Victims at EHC

March 9, 2011: Queens Courier--Starlight Foundation Donates New Pediatric Care Room to EHC

November 24, 2010: Queens Gazette--Elmhurst Hospital Center Wins Community Service Award from SHAREing and CAREing

October 20, 2010: Queens Gazette--Elmhurst Hospital Center Gets Stroke Care Award from the American Heart Association

October 12, 2010: Queens Ledger--The Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program at Elmhurst Hospital Center

October 10, 2010: The Independent (Ireland)--Elmhurst Hospital Center Provides Life-Saving Care for Ped-Struck Victim

Sept 14, 2010: Queens Ledger--EHC Employees Take Slim-Down Challenge

Sept 6, 2010: New York Times--Elmhurst Hospital Center Focuses on Cultural Diversity

August 26, 2010: Reuters--Dr. Scott Weingart on Hypothermia Treatment for Cardiac Arrest Patients

July 21, 2010: Queens Gazette—EHC Celebrates Grand Opening of Greenmarket

June 10, 2010: CNN—EHC Child Life Coordinator Meredith Farrell at Materials for the Arts

June 10, 2010: Queens Courier—EHC Wins Award from American Heart Association

April 29, 2010: NY Daily News - Greenmarket at Elmhurst Hospital Center

April 28, 2010: Queens Gazette - Elmhurst Hospital Center Honored by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

April 20, 2010: Queens Buzz - Elmhurst Hospital Center Profile

April 13, 2010: Queens Ledger - Treatment for Cardiac Arrest Victims Minimizes Damage

March 30, 2010: WNYC -RadioCultural Sensitivity and Healthcare

March 29, 2010: NY 1 - EHC Executive Director Chris Constantino on Queens Hospital Closures

March 29, 2010: USA Today - Induced Hypothermia and Cardiac Arrest Treatments

February 17, 2010: WABC TV News - EHC Neurosurgeon Jaime Ullman Discusses Pedestrian Injury Statistics

February 10, 2010: Queens Gazette - Northwest Queens Legislative Breakfast Brings Leaders Together

February 9, 2010: Long Island City/Astoria Journal - Queens Summit Focused on Making Pedestrians Safer

February 6, 2010: NY1 - EHC Neurosurgeon Jaime Ullman and Trauma Coordinator Anju Galer Queens People of the Week

January 26, 2010: NY 1 - EHC Neurosurgery Chief Conducts Pedestrian Injury Study

December 24, 2009: WABC TV - Off-duty EMT and EHC Cardiac Care Unit Save Hospital Employee

December 23, 2009: NY Post - Elmhurst Hospital Center to Build New Women's Healthcare Center

December 21, 2009: Queens Ledger - Elmhurst Hospital Center “Horns for Handles” Breast Pump Campaign

December 3, 2009: NY Post - New medical training center to benefit Elmhurst Hospital Center

November 16, 2009: NY Daily News - Experts give kids a hand at learning how to prevent cold and flu germs

September 23, 2009: Queens Ledger - Hospital Symposium Focuses on Suicide Prevention

June 22, 2009: Queens Courier - EHC Works to Go Green

April 1, 2009: Queens Gazette - Elmhurst Hospital Center Opens New Psychiatric Emergency Room

February 18, 2009: Queens Gazette - Elmhurst Hospital Center Opens Lactation Clinic

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