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Energy and Water Data Collection



Local Law 84 (LL84) requires building owners to report data on annual energy and water usage. Click on the section titles below to review how to obtain both types of data.

Energy Data Collection
Consolidated Edison (Con Ed)
National Grid
Water Data Collection 

Energy Data Collection
In order to obtain whole building energy consumption data for benchmarking, building owners will need to obtain residential or non-residential tenant consumption data. The best way to acquire this information is to request it from utility companies.

Aggregated Energy Data for All Buildings
A building owner can obtain aggregated energy data (a building's entire electric and gas consumption measured by month) from a private utility. The following utilities offer aggregated consumption data:

Consolidated Edison (Con Ed)

National Grid

  • In order to guarantee that you receive aggregated consumption data in time to meet the May 1 deadline, National Grid advises to submit your request no later than April 24, 2015.
  • National Grid offers two ways to request aggregated consumption data: via email or phone:
    • Download the National Grid request for aggregated energy data (in PDF).
    • National Grid requires building owners to obtain authorization from their tenants to release historical gas consumption usage and billing information.
    • Download the Authorization Form (in PDF) available as a template that building owners must sign and submit with the data request.

PSEG Long Island

  • In order to guarantee that you receive your aggregated consumption data in time to meet the May 1 deadline, PSEG advises you submit your request no later than April 15, 2015.
  • PSEG Long Island, which now manages former Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) covered buildings, has established a process for electricity data aggregated requests. All requests must be made in writing, via postal mail or fax:

Non-Residential Tenant Data Collection Form
As of January 2014, the Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability will not require building owners to issue a data collection request form to non-residential tenants. Building owners are strongly encouraged to request aggregated data directly from the utility companies.

Water Data Collection

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP),manages New York City’s water supply and wastewater treatment and provides all water consumption information to properties eligible and covered under LL84. Covered buildings that have had an Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) installed for at least the entire calendar year of 2014 will be required to benchmark their water consumption. To see if your building is covered, refer to the Covered Buildings (Buildings Required to Benchmark) page.

Properties that benchmarked their 2013 data in 2014 by registering in the Portfolio Manager for automatic DEP water consumption data uploading do not have to reregister again this year. Water consumption data for those properties will be automatically uploaded. Data is uploaded in cubic feet. 

If your property has not registered to benchmark water and is in the Covered Buildings List, log into Portfolio Manager and share your property information with DEP. For more instructions please follow the instructions in the link:

Users also have the option to manually enter their water usage.

Additional Assistance with Water Benchmarking

All other inquires about water benchmarking should be directed to the Department of Environmental Protection at

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