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Benchmarking Checklist

To ensure completeness of your benchmarking report, please review the following before submitting:

  • Did you check the Covered Buildings List? Is benchmarking required for your property? Is water data required?

  • Did you enter BBL and BIN under property details (“Unique Identifiers”)?

  • Do you need to benchmark your property as a campus? If there is more than one building on your tax lot, you probably do.
    • Did you create a parent property with number of buildings > 1

    • Did you create a child property for each building?

    • Did you load data for meters that are shared by two or more buildings into the parent property?

    • Did you load data for meters that are used by a single building into the appropriate building (child?)

  • If your property (tax lot) has only one building, did you indicate that you reported energy use for the whole building?

  • Have you collected your uploaded data from Con Edison and/or National Grid (see

  • If your property uses fuel oil or any other energy NOT provided by Con Edison or National Grid, have you collected and entered the use data?

  • If your property uses fuel oil did you mark the meter “by delivery”?

  • If you are required to benchmark water, have you received data for 2017 from DEP?

  • Did you deactivate all energy meters that were manually created prior to 2018?

  • Did you check for possible errors using the error checker in the Summary tab of your property?

  • Did you download the 2018 reporting template from  and submit your report to NYC? After submitting did you receive your email acknowledgement from Energy Star?

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