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How to Comply

In order to comply with Local Law 84 (LL84), owners of buildings with entire lots of 50,000 square feet or more (1) as designated by the Covered Buildings List must use a free online benchmarking tool called Portfolio Manager (2) to log energy and water use by May 1 of each year.

For this year, to comply by May 1, 2014, data would be inputted for calendar year 2013 and the report would be submitted to the City via the "NYC LL84 Benchmarking 2013 Compliance Template."

Please note: A new upgraded version of Portfolio Manager launched on July 17, 2013 and there are several changes to how compliance reports are submitted to the City. Review on this site for new revised guidance documents, and carefully review these revised documents for any new proper procedures on how to input data and submit reports.

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Submission to the City
Guidance for 2013 Reporting
Deadlines and Violations
Previous Year’s Guidance  

Submission to the City (for compliance in 2014):

Every year, to complete the benchmarking process, the newest reporting template must be generated in Portfolio Manager. This new template creates a new custom Compliance Report for LL84 that will then be submitted to the City every year to comply. A report needs to be completed for each lot required to benchmark. You will then submit the report to the City through Portfolio Manager.

Guidance for 2013 Reporting (for compliance in 2014):

Revised March 28, 2014:

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Deadlines and Violations

Benchmarking Compliance Deadline
LL84 requires benchmarking to be completed by May 1 of each year. If you missed the May 1st deadline, you have the opportunity to comply before the next quarterly deadlines of August 1, November 1, and February 1.

Violations for Failed Compliance
The Department of Buildings (DOB) is authorized to issue a violation for any listed building that has not provided a benchmarking report. Failure to benchmark by May 1 will result in a violation and a penalty of $500. Continued failure will result in additional violations on a quarterly basis and a penalty of $500 per quarter with a maximum of $2,000.

Previous Year’s Guidance

Previous Year’s Compliance Reporting Templates

Previous Year’s Violations
There are four quarterly deadlines to comply with LL84; May 1, August 1, November 1 and February 1. With every quarterly deadline, the Department of Buildings is authorized to issue a $500 fine and violation, which will only be dismissed with payment of the fine and submittal of the compliance report to the City.

Benchmarking Violation Challenge Form
DOB accepts contests to violations within 30 days of being issued a violation. Use the Violation Challenge Form (in PDF) from the DOB website if you would like to challenge a violation you received for failing to submit your benchmarking report.

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  1. Benchmarking is required for one building on a tax lot that is 50,000 sq ft or more, or at least two buildings on one tax lot whose sum is 100,000 sq ft or more [back]
  2. Portfolio Manager was offline and unavailable from June 26 through July 16 to undergo upgrades. The new upgraded tool launched on July 17. To get updated on the new features, visit [back]
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