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In a city where the majority of the 8.4 million inhabitants are people of color, it is important that such diversity is reflected in New York City classrooms.  Diverse cultures, perspectives, and realities are the backbone of our great city, and increased understanding of the rich diversity in our city affects every aspect of our daily lives. Yet, far too many young people in our City—especially young men of color—will never see someone who looks like them at the chalkboard.  If we're going to be serious about addressing inequity in education, economics, health and justice, diverse teachers must be a part of the overall strategy.

In January 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio, in conjunction with New York City's Young Men's Initiative, made a bold pledge: NYC will develop new initiatives and programs aiming to put an additional 1,000 men of color on course to become NYC public school teachers over the next three years.

The Young Men's Initiative, together with Department of Education, City University of New York, and Center for Economic Opportunity, excitedly announces the launch of NYC Men Teach to recruit and unite Black, Latino and Asian men committed to educating today's diverse student population; supporting each other's professional and leadership development; and to empowering the communities they serve.

Why Diversity Matters

While male students of color make up 43% of NYC’s public school demographic, only 8.3% of the entire teacher workforce is made up of Black, Latino and Asian men.

By 2020, the majority of U.S. children will be youth of color.  Yet their classrooms—which are the bridges to opportunity, access, and success— will not reflect this diversity.  Research shows that students benefit from being taught by teachers with similar life experiences who help create a positive learning environment and leave a profound impact on students' grades and self-worth. As classrooms are also the major cultivators of tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of diverse cultures and backgrounds, a diverse teacher population is also critical to improving the quality of life in our communities. NYC MEN TEACH looks to ensure that all of New York City's young people have diverse role models, teachers, and mentors that represent what makes New York City great: DIVERSITY.

NYC Men Teach

Teachers Matter!

NYC MEN TEACH believes that a well-supported educator results in a better learning experience for all students.  Our recruitment and retention strategy provides support aimed at keeping teachers of color in schools for at least three years.   Currently, we are building out our Principals and Mentor Networks, are seeking counsel on culturally-relevant professional and leadership workshops, and are identifying unique opportunities for community participants to change the education landscape.  NYC MEN TEACH is not only about students.  We are also invested in YOU!

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

NYC Men Teach does not discriminate based on race or gender. All programs and activities of the NYC Men Teach program are open to all eligible applicants, without regard to race, gender, national origin or other characteristic protected by law.

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