The NYC Benchmarking Law mandates that owners of large buildings, most of which are also covered by Local Law 97, must annually measure their energy and water consumption through a process called benchmarking. Not all buildings covered by Local Law 97 are subject to benchmarking requirements and vice versa. Owners should refer to the respective Covered Buildings Lists to determine their reporting obligations.

To learn more about benchmarking or to start the process, visit the Department of Buildings benchmarking page.

The benchmarking law requires building owners to utilize the Environmental Protection Agency’s online benchmarking tool, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, to enter and submit the usage data to the City by May 1st of every year.

This data aims to increase transparency surrounding a building’s annual energy and water usage – a major first step in helping building owners and tenants make their buildings operate more sustainably. This tool can help owners determine how to make their building more efficient to meet the requirements of Local Law 97.