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Department of Buildings Tools

The Department of Buildings (DOB) has made available two maps on Local Law 97 and Local Law 33. The Local Law 97 map allows the public to find the location of each of the approximately 40,000 buildings around the five boroughs that must comply with the law. The Local Law 33 map shows the energy efficiency letter grade sign assigned to each of these buildings, which is based on energy and water benchmarking data submitted to the DOB on an annual basis.

DOB's Benchmarking tool is available to help you determine your energy usage and comply with Local Law 97.

Other Government Resources

The Sustainability Help Center is here to provide assistance understanding local sustainability laws and compliance requirements. They can help determine which laws apply to your property, what reporting is required for compliance and by what date.

The NYC Accelerator, launched in 2012 by the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability, works with thousands of buildings across the five boroughs to build a cleaner future by lowering pollution and carbon emissions. They can help you find contractors, provide financial and technical assistance, and generally navigate your options to make your building more sustainable.

PACE financing can help you finance sustainability and energy efficiency upgrades to your buildings. Visit their website to learn more about your options.

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