NYC Tenant Access Portal (TAP)


The Tenant Access Portal (NYC TAP) offers a convenient way for tenants and their representatives to manage and access information about Rent Freeze benefits online.

What can you do on NYC TAP?

  • Apply for the Rent Freeze Program online (first-time applicants only)
  • Access benefit information and application status
  • Update household member information
  • Update tenant representative information

Rent Freeze Program First-Time Applicants

We encourage you to apply online. You can register for NYC TAP with your NYC.ID, or through a social media account.

Registration is optional. You can continue to submit your Rent Freeze documents by mail if you prefer to do so. Your benefit will not be affected if you choose not to register. The Department of Finance will continue to send you important information by mail, including when and how to renew your benefit.

What’s Next

In the next phase, set to launch in the summer, you will be able to use NYC TAP to submit Rent Freeze renewal applications.