Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE)

The NYC Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS) 
is committed to meeting the City's goals for the participation of SBS-certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) in the award and performance of goods and services contracts. These goals are satisfied by the award and prompt payment of contracts, subcontracts, and direct purchases with M/WBEs. Visit the attached links to learn more about the M/WBE program and how to get certified.

What Kind of Services Do We Purchase?
DORIS procures a wide range of goods and services, including: Photo Digitization; Preservation and Archival Supplies; Conservation Supplies; Computers and Printers; General Office Supplies; Scanning and Digitization Services; Building Maintenance; Cleaning Contracts; Boiler/HVAC Maintenance; IT Services; General Business Services; Catering and more. To learn more about DORIS and our work, visit here.

Doing Business with DORIS
Bid Directly on our Projects

DORIS posts bidding opportunities on our agency website, the Mayor's Office of Contract Services website and in the City Record. The Request for Proposals lays out the scope of the project. If you can perform the majority of this work, please consider submitting a bid.

For smaller purchases, DORIS solicits bids directly from qualified vendors. If you are an SBS-certified M/WBE, make sure we know about you and the goods/services you offer. Please contact dprocurement@records.nyc.gov if you think your firm and the work we do are a good match.

Current Opportunities- M/WBE Non-Competitive Small Purchase Method (Purchases up to $1M)

For more information on the NYC M/WBE Program Contact or Visit:

Mayor’s Office of M/WBEs