Decennial Census Archive

Demographic Tables 2010 - Archive
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Total Population, Under 18 and 18 Years and Over  by Mutually Exclusive Race and Hispanic Origin and Total Housing Units, 2000-2010       PDF Document PL-P2 CNCLD
Excel Document PL-P2 CNCLD
PDF Document CNCLD Chart
Total Population by Mutually Exclusive Race and Hispanic Origin, 2010      

Excel Document PL-P3A CNCLD

  Population Under 18       PDF Document PL-P3B CNCLD
Excel Document PL-P3B CNCLD
  Population 18 Years and Over       PDF Document PL-P3C CNCLD
Excel Document PL-P3C CNCLD
Demographic Profile, 2000-2010       PDF Document SF1-DP CNCLD
Excel Document SF1-DP CNCLD