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NYC Opportunity works with nearly 20 City agencies to deliver new programs that address the needs of low-income New Yorkers.

Over the years, NYC Opportunity programs have spanned a wide range of issue areas, including education, employment, asset development, justice programs, health and others. These programs address emerging needs and service gaps, and draw upon and build research and evidence to ensure effectiveness and impact.

NYC Opportunity staff work with agency partners in the design, implementation, performance management, and evaluation of initiatives, with the goal of identifying programs that are effective and building evidence that can drive improvements in government services. Programs that are not working are redesigned or funding is re-allocated to new approaches.

Programs are directly overseen by City agency partners, and generally delivered on the ground by community providers selected through competitive procurements.

Fighting Poverty With Data

All Initiatives Program Data by Fiscal Year

Brief overviews of NYC Opportunity's programmatic focus areas are below, and more information can also be found under "Special Initiatives".

**Programs identified as "Current Portfolio" are actively managed and/or funded by NYC Opportunity as of May 2017. Programs without this label may be active in the City, but are no longer funded or managed by NYC Opportunity, or they may have been discontinued with lessons incorporated into ongoing work.**