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NYC Opportunity takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of low-income New Yorkers, and many of its projects do not fit squarely into our primary issue area domains of workforce, education, health, assets and justice.

The diverse initiatives described here span several domains, and are often cross-agency programs that involve collaboration of multiple partners.Programs include strategies to help immigrant New Yorkers get needed legal services or access city services, initiatives focused on early childhood, and capacity building efforts to assist local providers.


ActionNYC Capacity Building Expansion - Current Portfolio

ActionNYC Capacity Building is a fellowship program that provides training and technical assistance to support small community-based organizations with established ties to underserved immigrant populations across New York City. The program works to build the capacity of participating organizations to conduct outreach and deliver legal services, and to improve their ability to compete for program funding from other sources.

EmPWR (Environments Promoting Wellness and Resilience) - Current Portfolio

Environments Promoting Wellness and Resilience (EmPWR) is a collaboration between the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), and the Human Resources Administration (HRA) that is transforming select spaces in domestic violence shelters to better meet the needs of survivors and their children. The program engages survivors and staff to plan design changes in the shelters, promoting wellness, and supporting the social-emotional needs of survivors and their children.

EmPWR Overview

Family Pathways to Care - Current Portfolio

Family Pathways to Care is a collaboration between ACS, DOHMH and Public Policy Lab (PPL) to understand how families connect with and experience support services and develop strategies to refine referral pathways, improve families’ access to services and impact positive child outcomes. This project will also be responding to new challenges caused by the pandemic to support providers and families experiencing disruptions due to illness and stay-at-home requirements.

Family Pathways to Care Overview

Integrated Case Management for Street Homeless Clients - Current Portfolio

Integrated Case Management for Street Homeless Clients is focused on enhancing the ability of the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) HOME-STAT, the city's comprehensive street homelessness outreach effort, to seamlessly track and manage cases and databases for New Yorkers experiencing unsheltered homelessness. The initiative is expanding the StreetSmart case management system across facilities dedicated to serving unsheltered homeless individuals, including Drop-In Centers (DICs) and Safe Havens. This expansion of StreetSmart for case management purposes will give the agency and its not-for-profit social service and outreach provider partners more integrated and seamless access to data that can be used to improve tracking, engagement and coordination of services for clients throughout the rehousing process, thereby improving outcomes for clients.

Integrated Case Management for Street Homeless Clients Overview

NYCitizenship - Current Portfolio

NYCitizenship provides free naturalization and financial counseling services at select library branches and HRA locations across New York City. NYC Opportunity has supported the introduction of a “community navigator” model, in which trained community navigators – individuals with linguistic fluency and meaningful ties to the communities that they serve – work with attorneys to conduct comprehensive immigration legal screenings and assist eligible lawful permanent residents in completing and submitting their naturalization applications.

NYCitizenship Expansion Remarks from Matthew Klein, Executive Director of NYC Opportunity

NYCitizenship Evaluation Reports

Managing for Innovation - CUNY PD - Current Portfolio

The NYC Opportunity Program Management Forum is a series of professional development courses and tools that facilitate success for program directors that oversee NYC Opportunity initiatives. The program is aimed at building capacity, and creating opportunities for continued learning and professional growth among NYC Opportunity's implementation partners. A 2017 evaluation provided insight into the implementation and effectiveness of the NYC Opportunity Managing for Innovation Course (MFIC).

Managing for Innovation - CUNY PD Evaluation Report - 2017