The Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity311Search all websites


The portfolio of NYC Opportunity's work includes programs, products, and range of special initiatives.

The programs in our portfolio are anti-poverty services funded through our innovation budget, and developed in collaboration with City agencies. Ideas for these initiatives come from City leadership, agencies, and concepts developed in house based on our scans of evidence-based models nationally and internationally and regular cross-sector collaboration with the nonprofit, philanthropic and research communities. Over 70 initiatives have been launched and assessed through NYC Opportunity.

We also build and manage digital products to improve the lives of low-income and vulnerable New Yorkers. These online services and data tools are public-facing, helping residents access resources, and internal-facing, helping City staff deliver supports more holistically. We are also exploring ways that traditional in-person services can be delivered online. Our staff, which include engineers, designers and product managers, work iteratively to meet the needs of users.

In addition to overseeing specific programs and products, our team also manages an evolving range of special initiatives that involve the use of evidence and innovation to help the City achieve greater equity. Some of these are short-term in nature and others, like our support of the Young Men's Initiative, are long-standing.