Mayor's Management Report (MMR)

The Mayor's Management Report (MMR), which is mandated by the City Charter, serves as a public account of the performance of City agencies, measuring whether they are delivering services efficiently, effectively and expeditiously. The MMR is released twice a year. The PMMR provides an early update of how the City is performing four months into the fiscal year. The full-fiscal MMR, published each September, looks retrospectively at the City's performance during the prior fiscal year.

The MMR also reflects the City's values and priorities, as City leadership focuses on equity, equality and opportunity. In the MMR, each agency section provides a brief "Focus on Equity" statement. This statement gives agencies an opportunity to articulate how they are working to promote fair delivery and quality of services among and across groups of people and places in support of the goals of equity, equality and opportunity for all New York City residents.

Dynamic Mayor’s Management Report (DMMR)

The Dynamic Mayor’s Management Report (DMMR) was formalized by the release of Executive Order 13. The DMMR modernizes the Mayor’s Management Report (MMR) into a digitized and interactive platform. This platform is updated on a regular basis to provide transparency and accountability on City agency performance.

The DMMR offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to find data more easily and provides comparative data analysis across all City agencies dating back several years.

Preliminary Fiscal 2024 Mayor’s Management Report

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