Other Forms

Request for Copies of Statements, Checks and Reports

Need a copy of your pay-related documents? Request copies of statements, checks, and reports.

Your pay statement provides details about your current and year-to-date earnings, taxes, deductions, and accrued leave time. For most active City of New York and New York City Department of Education employees, your electronic pay statment, also called EStub, is available on NYCAPS Employee Self-Service (ESS). Within ESS, go to the Pay and Tax Information/View My Last Pay Stub section. Once there, click on the Pay Statement Summary to view your EStub. Pay statements are available for the three most recent calendar years.

Change of Employee Address for FICA Refund Claim

If you believe your address must be changed, complete the Change of Employee Address for FICA Refund Claim form and follow the instructions on the form.

Direct Deposit of Child Support Form

Download the Direct Deposit of Child Support Enrollment/Cancellation Form.

FICA Refund Claim Inquiry Form

The City files refund claims for both the employer's and employees' share of the FICA taxes paid on Line of Duty Injury, workers’ compensation and other instances of payroll payments received where FICA was over-withheld from eligible City employees.

Send an inquiry to OPA's FICA Refund Claim Unit