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Many paths, same destination. For many City employees, getting to optimal health and wellness is the goal. However, for the City’s youngest employees, traditional ideals of health improvement such as chronic disease are less often in focus. WorkWell NYC understands that different generations have different needs and interests – so we created Project XYZ. This project intentionally focuses on the health and wellness of City employees from Generations Y and Z and works to foster community through programs and events that address the real life circumstances that impact their health and wellbeing.


Generation Y or Z?



Generation Y

Generation Z

Commonly known as the “Millennial Generation”, members of Generation Y were born between 1981 and 1996. This age cohort immediately follows Generation Y. Members of Generation Z were born in 1997 and later.



While Project XYZ is tailored to generations Y and Z, WorkWell NYC recognizes that many of these resources can be helpful to people of any age. All employees are welcome to participate in Project XYZ programs. We use the “X” in Project XYZ to represent employees of any age who find value in these programs and want to follow along on this journey!

Past Programs

At our August 5th Paint & Sip event, Project XYZ participants created an array of vibrant and colorful paintings!

Painting Collage

View the gallery of creations here.

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Project XYZ Decluttering

Webinar: Decluttering for Your Best Life

Download Slides | View Recording | Clear the Clutter Resource Guide

Project XYZ Got Loans

Webinar: Got Loans: Leveraging Your City Job to Pay Back Your Student Loans

Download Slides | View Recording | Guide to Public Student Loans

Project XYZ Road to Retirement

Webinar: Road to Retirement

It's never too early to think about retirement and set yourself up for financial success. Learn how here.

Project XYZ Events Gallery

Event: In the Mix Photo Gallery

Check out these pictures from Project XYZ in the Mix, an in-person mixer that combined speed networking, headshots, and a silent disco dance party!

Project XYZ In the Kitchen

On-Demand: In the Kitchen with WorkWell NYC

Out of recipes to cook? Watch Chef Karen whip up some healthy meals such as corn cakes with peach salsa and recreate your own.

Project XYZ Get Fit

On-Demand: Get Fit with WorkWell NYC

Access our workout videos and follow along with our instructors to get in a quick 20 minute workout from the comfort of your home!



Project XYZ

“It was a pleasure joining the group yesterday and meeting everyone. I hope there are more events like this, where we all interact and get to know each other… It's my first time joining an event like this as a NYC employee and would love to see more events like this perhaps during lunchtime, after-work or weekends.”

– Network & Chill participant


We are always open to suggestions for Project XYZ programming. Please email with your input and ideas!