CEQR FAQs - Getting Started

These are answers to a number of questions that MOEC has compiled over time.

Where do I go to get started with a CEQR review?

After determining that your project is required to undergo environmental review, you can begin your review in one of three places:

Contact your lead agency, if known;

  • Visit the MOEC Website to learn about the CEQR process, download appropriate forms, and begin work on your EAS; or
  • Contact MOEC to discuss your project, determine who will most likely be your lead agency, and which EAS form you should begin completing.

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Can I meet with my lead agency to discuss what’s expected during the review process?

*Yes,* and it is highly recommended that you meet with your lead agency at the start of your review and during the entire CEQR review process.  During this meeting you should become acquainted with your lead agency point of contact, review and understand the CEQR process, and discuss the approach and expectations for completing your review.

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What are some common mistakes others have made on their CEQR documents in the past?

*EAS Forms:*

  • Misidentification of project type (i.e. unlisted vs. Type I)
  • Not indicating if discretionary financing is being sought as part of the proposed action or incompletely identifying all discretionary actions
  • Not clearly describing the No-action scenario or condition
  • For rezonings, not clearly indicating the existing zoning and the proposed zoning
  • Inaccurate or incomplete development of the Reasonable Worst Case Development Scenario (RWCDS)
  • Not providing backup Air Quality, Noise, and Traffic analyses
  • Unsigned applications
    Build year does not account for the approval process timeline and a reasonable timeline for construction.

*Please note*: Errors identifed above may lead to longer and more costly CEQR reviews.

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Please contact MOEC if you have any questions regarding any of the FAQs above or your question(s) was not covered.