FOIL Request

FOIL Request

What is a FOIL Request?

Article 6 of the New York State Public Officers Law is known as the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). This law allows members of the public to request records from New York State or local government agencies. If a record is located in response to your request, the entire record will be made available unless an exemption applies to all or part of it. FOIL only applies to records, and does not require answers to questions.

How do I make a FOIL request?

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING A FOIL REQUEST. Many of the documents you seek, may already be publicly available online. Before submitting your FOIL request, please visit CEQR Access. You may not need to file a FOIL request at all.

You can make a request online through the Open Records Portal.

A request for records must be in writing, detailing the type, subject matter and date(s) of the records requested. Describe the records you are seeking as specifically as possible, including as much of the following as possible:

  • The title(s) of documents
  • Dates
  • File designations
  • CEQR Numbers
  • Any other information that will enable the Records Access Officer to identify the record(s) you are requesting.

Please include a daytime phone number, in case the Records Access Officer has any questions about your request. Please provide an email address with your FOIL request to facilitate Mayor's Office's acknowledgment and response to your request.

To Make an Online Request:

  1. Go to the Open Records Portal, at
  2. Click "Request a Record"
  3. Select "Mayor's Office (OOM)" as "Agency"
  4. Be specific about the records you are requesting (e.g. project name, types of documents, etc.)

What happens after I submit my FOIL request?

Within five business days of Mayor's Office's receipt of the request, Mayor's Office will send you a written communication: (1) granting the request; (2) denying the request; or (3) acknowledging the request and providing an approximate date for when the request will be granted or denied.

What if my request is denied?

If the FOIL Officer denies your request, in whole or in part, you may appeal within 30 days by sending a letter to the Agency Appeals Officer.

Records Access Officer

Agency Appeals Officer

Hilary Semel
Director, Mayor's Office of Environmental Coordination