Director's Message

Director's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the newly updated MOEC website. In addition to providing more information on the topics and projects we address, the new site provides a clear and easily navigable format for accessing MOEC’s information and resources.

As you browse the pages, you will learn more about the environmental issues we address: City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR), which implements the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) in New York City, and Local Law 86 of 2005, the green building law which applies to City capital projects. 

While MOEC’s work is not always visible to the public, what we do affects all New Yorkers. We work with City agencies, private entities and communities to ensure that environmental impacts are disclosed to decision-makers, including the public, so that decisions are based on full knowledge of the project’s effects.

We implement Local Law 86 (LL86) ensuring that future building construction funded with the City capital dollars is as sustainable as possible. This contributes to the City’s sustainability and resiliency goals of reducing consumption of vital resources such as energy and water, as well as advancing the City’s greenhouse gas reduction agenda.

We hope you find our website informative. Please visit it often to see news, announcements of public meetings and other information on projects of importance to all New Yorkers and the City’s progress toward sustainability by building green. If you have any questions about MOEC’s work, please feel free to contact us. On behalf of all MOEC staff, thank you for visiting.