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Rules of Practice


Subchapter A - General Matters

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Subchapter B - Rules of Conduct

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Subchapter C - Pre-Trial Matters

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Subchapter D - Trials and Hearings

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Subchapter A - Additional Rules for Prequalified Vendor Appeals

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Subchapter B - Reserved

Subchapter C - Additional Rules for Human Rights Cases

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Subchapter D - Additional Rules for Post-Seizure Review of Impoundment of Vehicles

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Subchapter E: Additional Rules for Department of Correction Cases

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  Some of the rules have associated annotations. These annotations are intended as a research tool to guide practitioners and parties appearing before OATH and not as a substitute for the decisions themselves. The meaning and precedential import of OATH’s decisions can be determined definitively only from the full text of the decisions and independent legal research by the user. Although OATH has taken steps to include helpful summaries in these annotations, the annotations are not comprehensive. Practitioners and parties appearing before OATH should conduct their own research of OATH’s decisions, and other authority, as necessary. The annotations are intended to assist the interested public and are not intended as legal advice. The annotations have no legal or precedential significance, and may not be offered at OATH or elsewhere as legal authority or precedent. No representation or warranty is made or may be inferred that the annotation information is typographically or substantively accurate or complete, and OATH will not be liable for any inaccuracy or incompleteness.  Users must refer to official legal sources to determine applicable substantive and procedural law, including the content of any rules, laws, orders, decisions or other legal sources referred to here.