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Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

Who participates in a Mediation?

Typically the people who are most needed in mediation are those involved in the conflict.  While unions and other representatives are helpful, their participation is not necessary. It is important that those involved in the conflict are the voices that carry the mediation and its outcomes. Anyone else in the room is there to support their voices. 

How many mediation sessions are required?

Workplace mediation usually requires only one or two sessions, which are held in a neutral location with a neutral mediator. The Center's mediators are certified professionals who hold a diverse set of skills and experiences and participants often report high levels of satisfaction with the process. Check out Staff Bios to meet the mediators.

How much of what I share in mediation will be kept confidential?

With certain exceptions, everything that is discussed in mediation is kept confidential. For the exceptions to confidentiality, please read here. Any and all notes taken by mediators are destroyed after the session. The Center will notify the referring agency as to the outcome of the mediation but not the particulars discussed.

What happens if there is no resolution?

The Center will send an outcome letter to the referring agency indicating that the parties participated in mediation but were not able to reach an agreement. The agency then decides how to move forward with the situation.