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Published Research

The NYPD currently partners with various entities to answer empirical research questions in the criminal justice domain. Our working partnerships incorporate academia, non-profit organizations, and government agencies and seek to use scientific evidence to inform the department’s strategy and overall mission. These police-researcher collaborations are intended to support the NYPD’s pursuit of continuous improvement and to culminate in deliverables and recommendations that are feasible and practical to implement. This section contains information for researchers who wish to support the department's research agenda.

The Impacts of Implicit Bias Awareness Training in the NYPD

This research was commissioned by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) / University of Cincinnati (UC) Center for Police Research and Policy, and funded by Arnold Ventures (formerly the Laura and John Arnold Foundation). The findings, conclusions, and opinions in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the IACP, Arnold Ventures, or the New York City Police Department. Please direct questions or comments regarding this report to Robert E. Worden, The John F. Finn Institute, 421 New Karner Road, Suite 12, Albany, NY 12205

RAND Corporation Community Survey

In November 2020 and May 2021, the New York City Police Department partnered with the RAND Corporation and the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity to administer two rounds of community surveys. The surveys asked people in diverse communities across New York City to respond to more than 60 questions which included measures of three important elements of police-community relations: engagement, trustworthiness, and guardianship. The NYPD deployed this survey to better understand perspectives on the police in New York City’s neighborhoods, and to help guide the Department’s efforts to strengthen relationships with the communities it serves.

A Forward-Looking Plan for the Special Victims Division

The New York City Police Department, with the generous support of the New York City Police Foundation and in partnership with the Research Triangle Institute (RTI), undertook a comprehensive assessment of its Special Victims Division (SVD) and its approach to adult sexual assault cases. The outcome of this analysis led the Department to develop a forward-looking plan to continue improving its SVD with a renewed focus on survivor-centered services and trainings, streamlining investigative response, and building productive partnerships with advocates and other agencies. These reports showcase the findings and recommendations of the assessment, and outline the Department’s commitment to improving practices and continuing to be a leader investigating sexual assault cases. Both reports are linked below.

NYPD Report: A Forward-Looking Plan for the Special Victims Division
RTI Report: Sexual Assault Unit Assessment