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Chief of Department Jeffrey B. Maddrey

Jeffrey B. Maddrey

Chief Jeffrey B. Maddrey is currently appointed as the Chief of Department for the New York City Police Department. As the Chief of Department he is the highest ranking uniformed officer in the New York City Police Department.

Chief Maddrey’s career with the NYPD started in 1991 at the young age of 20. Upon graduation from the Police Academy, he was assigned to the 110th Precinct, where he performed various assignments until his promotion to Sergeant in 1998. He has always been a natural leader, rising through the ranks quickly, reaching the rank of Lieutenant in 2001, then Captain in 2003. As an Executive Officer, Chief Maddrey served in the 72nd, the 60th, and the 70th Precincts, eventually becoming the Commanding Officer of the Brooklyn South Task Force. His hard work and dedication led him to become the Commanding Officer of the 73rd Precinct in January 2006, patrolling the neighborhoods of Brownsville, Brooklyn. His successful efforts to combat violent crime in this community led to his promotion to Deputy Inspector in December of 2006 and Inspector in November of 2008. In January of 2009, Chief Maddrey advanced to become the Commanding Officer of the 75th Precinct where the goal was to bring his crime fighting expertise to the streets of East New York, Brooklyn.

In December of 2011, Chief Maddrey received a promotion to Deputy Chief and in January of 2012, Chief Maddrey became the Commanding Officer of Housing Borough Brooklyn. As Commanding Officer of Housing Borough Brooklyn, Chief Maddrey was responsible for the safety of the residents who reside in PSA 1, PSA 2 and PSA 3 as well as the employees and visitors who frequented those housing developments. Chief Maddrey’s achievements in Housing Borough Brooklyn led to his assignment as the Executive Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South in March of 2014. His primary responsibility within that role was to create strategies that specifically targeted violent crime and introducing crime reduction plans throughout all thirteen (13) precincts overseen by Patrol Borough Brooklyn South.

Chief Maddrey’s prominent reputation of leadership experience, his strong ties to the community and his crime fighting skills were key to his assignment as Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn North in February 2015, overseeing ten (10) patrol precincts with almost 3,000 members of the service under his command. In addition to his new post, Chief Maddrey was promoted to Assistant Chief and over the next five (5) years, he would implement several successful projects. Some of these projects included crime reduction strategies, improving community relations with public events and addressing public safety issues through open forums. He also promoted several mayoral initiatives such as Vision Zero and Operation Ceasefire throughout Patrol Borough Brooklyn North.

Throughout his many prestigious assignments, Chief Maddrey has always been culturally competent, studying the history and the culture of the many different communities that he serves and using that knowledge to establish successful relationships. He is a true advocate for community policing, developing community partnerships and engaging in problem solving techniques, working together with community members to prevent violent crime in New York City. Thusly, it came as no surprise when his first Bureau Chief promotion was to Chief of Community Affairs in 2020.

Chief Maddrey revitalized Community Affairs, utilizing a proactive approach as opposed to the reactive approach under previous leadership. He founded the “NYPD Rapid Response Team” whose primary goal was to respond immediately to emerging incidents to provide services to community members affected by crime or natural disaster. He encouraged open communication between the community and the police by hosting Town Hall Meetings in every borough. Chief Maddrey brought this same proactive approach to the Housing Bureau when he became the Chief of Housing in January of 2021. He worked closely with community groups and development managers to reduce crime, targeting violations and other conditions that plagued the quality of life for residents. In a few short months, his innovative approach to policing and protecting the residents of the City of New York earned him the prestigious appointment of Chief of Patrol in May of 2021. As Chief of Patrol, Chief Maddrey governed eight (8) Patrol Borough commands, which are further divided into seventy-seven (77) police precincts overseeing the majority of the department’s uniformed officers on patrol. His dedication to this great city earned him the role of Chief of Department for the NYPD in December of 2022.

Chief Maddrey is a lifelong resident of New York City. Born in Brooklyn, he moved to Queens at a young age and has resided there ever since. Some of his academic achievements include a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a Master’s of Science Degree in Human Services Leadership from St. Joseph’s College. In 2007, Chief Maddrey graduated from Columbia University’s Police Management Institute. Chief Maddrey’s most recent academic achievement came on May 21, 2023 when he graduated from Touro University Law School with his Juris Doctor. Chief Maddrey’s true partner in life is his wife Helen and they are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters.