Laundry Room Leasing

Some New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) developments are equipped with laundry room facilities. NYCHA offers experienced laundry room operators the opportunity to lease and operate these laundry rooms.

NYCHA laundry rooms are in all boroughs and serve NYCHA residents only. The number of washing machines and dryers will vary depending on the size of the space.

The laundry room operator is required to provide a fully functional laundry facility. The laundry facility operator will supply, install, and maintain the washing machines and dryers. The laundry room operator is responsible daily opening and closing of the room, and for cleaning and trash removal.

In each case, the monthly rental rate is set at a either a pre-determined flat fee, an agreed to fee for each washer and drier, or a percentage of the gross revenue received.

Please review the links below for additional detailed information relating to available laundry facility spaces and rental process.  NYCHA gives favorable consideration to applications from existing tenants/operators who are in good standing.

    • Available Laundry Room Facilities - None