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$90M project includes new roofs, new boilers, and resilient electrical systems.

Today’s Groundbreaking wraps up NextGen Up-Close, a week-long series of development tours, events and announcements to celebrate the second anniversary of NextGen NYCHA.

NEW YORK —Today, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) marked the second anniversary of its NextGeneration NYCHA strategic plan with the start of construction on a $90 million Sandy recovery and resiliency project at Coney Island Houses in Brooklyn. This is the ninth major public housing recovery and resiliency project to move forward thanks to the largest grant ever awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), of $3 billion, to repair and protect 33 Sandy-Damaged NYCHA developments. With this funding, 219 buildings across the city are getting vital infrastructure repairs, including roof replacement, new electrical systems and boilers and flood-proofing measures, benefitting 60,000 residents.

In the past two years, NYCHA has completed preliminary construction at 23 developments and started major construction at 9 developments, taking steps to make essential repairs to restore and protect 52 buildings benefitting 10,000 residents. In Coney Island, work is underway at three developments, including Coney Island Houses, Coney Island I Sites 4/5, and Coney Island Site 1B. By the end of the year, work should be underway at all Sandy-impacted developments.

“As we celebrate the second anniversary of  the Authority’s NextGeneration NYCHA strategic plan, we are proud to say that there is a tremendous amount of work Sandy recovery work underway to restore and protect our buildings,” said NYCHA General Manager Michael Kelly. “With this investment, we are moving one step closer towards achieving our NextGen NYCHA vision of safe, clean and connected communities for our residents.”

“NYCHA has continued to demonstrate its leadership in rebuilding safer and more resilient housing for its residents after Hurricane Sandy,” said Daniel Zarrilli, Senior Director for Climate Policy and Programs and Chief Resilience Officer for the Office of the Mayor.

“Today's groundbreaking at Coney Island Houses, part of the largest FEMA mitigation grant in history, marks significant progress toward the goals of NextGen NYCHA.  It also ensures that NYCHA residents are safer from the impacts of climate change as we continue to invest over $20 billion through our OneNYC program to build a more equitable and more resilient city.”

Coney Island Houses, home to over 1,100 residents in 5 buildings, was hard-hit by Sandy with flood waters completely filling the basements, knocking out power and heat, and filling the underground pipes with sand. The  recovery and resiliency work includes full roof replacement, stand-by generators for back-up power, new electrical systems and flood-protected boilers and equipment annexes, resiliency measures to prevent flooding, new lobbies, upgraded playgrounds and recreational areas, new lighting, security cameras (CCTV) and state-of-the-art security doors (Layered Access Control), and a new multi-purpose room for residents. Renderings and a project description can be viewed here.

“I have been working closely and diligently with the NYCHA Recovery to Resiliency team to get the work started as quickly and safely as possible,” said Lauretta Brumfield, Resident Association President for Coney Island Houses. “As a resident Leader, I expect to have Coney Island Houses revived, to see people smiling, children laughing, playing and to see residents working to rebuild their homes again to see life as we know it.”

"I am extremely pleased to finally see shovels in the ground at Coney Island Houses. While there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, this is tangible proof that our public housing residents will get the recovery and resiliency repairs and upgrades they so desperately need and deserve,” said Council Member Mark Treyger, Chair of the Committee on Recovery and Resiliency. “I am proud to have helped secure $3 billion in FEMA funding for this work, and prouder still to see it underway. Everyone who was affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy - including thousands of our city's NYCHA residents - deserves to be made whole."

“This critical investment by NYCHA will help fix the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy and ensure that residents are protected in the event of future storm surges,” said Assembly Member Pamela Harris. “This October marks the fifth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy and far too many members of our community are still rebuilding. I’ll continue fighting to secure additional funding to ensure our Brooklyn community is prepared for the next storm.”

NYCHA’s reconstruction and resiliency efforts are also connecting residents to career opportunities. More than 170 NYCHA residents have been employed through Section 3 on Sandy-related contracts. Section 3 is a federal mandate that requires employment and other economic opportunities generated by federal assistance to public housing authorities to be directed, whenever possible, to public housing residents and other low- and very-low-income residents.

Under NextGeneration NYCHA, the Authority has made significant progress to address critical infrastructure needs and improve residents’ quality of life. At a time when NYCHA is facing more than $17 billion in unmet capital needs overall and proposed federal budget cuts, investing in the rehabilitation and preservation of public housing is crucial now more than ever. In addition to the $500 million in Sandy recovery reconstruction underway, NYCHA is addressing vital infrastructure needs such as roofs, façades, boilers and elevators with unprecedented support from the City and State. Mayor de Blasio has committed $1.3 billion for the replacement of more than 950 of NYCHA’s worst roofs and recently announced a $355 million investment to fix 150 building façades. The State is providing $200 million in capital funding, the most money they’ve committed to NYCHA since 1998, to fix boilers and elevators most in need of repair.

NYCHA will continue rallying support for public housing and fighting for every dollar necessary to preserve this precious resource for this and future generations.


About the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) provides decent and affordable housing in a safe and secure living environment for low- and moderate-income residents throughout the five boroughs. To fulfill this mission, NYCHA must preserve its aging housing stock through timely maintenance and modernization of its developments. Learn more about NYCHA’s Sandy Recovery and Resiliency Program here.