HireNYC: Human Services

HireNYC connects a qualified workforce to job opportunities with nonprofit organizations. The initiative makes available free, high-quality workforce recruitment and screening services to businesses and providers filling open positions.

New York City has rebranded the Public Assistance Hiring Commitment as “HireNYC: Human Services,” an initiative specifically designed to increase employment opportunities for low-income New Yorkers receiving cash assistance public benefits. Organizations contracting with NYC must hire one Public Assistance (PA) recipient for every $250,000 they receive from their human services contracts with NYC. Providers with less than $250,000 in personnel services are not subject to this requirement.

NYC Human Resources Administration’s Business Link assists organizations throughout the year in meeting this requirement by understanding the organization’s hiring process and staffing needs, tapping and screening its pool of jobseekers, and referring qualified candidates motivated to support each organization’s mission.

Business Link

Business Link, a division of the NYC HRA, Family Independence Administration, is a no-fee employment service that assists New Yorkers on cash assistance find durable and meaningful employment at living wages, while connecting private employers to qualified candidates. For employers, Business Link provides customized workforce recruitment services, such as consulting on hiring practices and providing on-site recruiting, resume collection and jobseeker screening. For jobseekers, Business Link provides one-on-one career counseling, resume and cover letter review and assistance, interview coaching, and employment workshops.