Made in NY Production Assistant Training Program
Cycle 49 graduates

Welcome to the "Made in NY" Production Assistant Training Program, developed in partnership between the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment and Brooklyn Workforce Innovations!

The "Made in NY" Production Assistant Training Program is designed to:

  • Provide unemployed and low-income New York City residents with training and placement into entry-level positions in film and television production.
  • Promote diversity within New York City's entertainment production workforce.
  • Provide an additional resource as an incentive for attracting new production to New York.

Mission Statement

To provide individuals from diverse communities with training for entry-level positions in film production and access to employers in New York City's production industry, and to teach production assistants how to work collaboratively with local communities when they shoot on location throughout the five boroughs.

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cycle 41
Cycle 41 toughing out the rain.
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Cycle 37 graduates


The "Made in NY" PA Training Program is a program of Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, a nonprofit organization, and made possible through public and private funds.


The "Made in NY" Production Assistant Training Program was launched in February 2006 and grew out of a desire to train courteous production assistants to interact with the local community on set while at the same time providing opportunities for diverse New Yorkers to gain entry into the production industry. A working group comprised of the following entities helped to make the program possible: 40 Acres and a Mule; Brooklyn Workforce Innovations; NYC Department of Small Business Services; The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting; and NYC Media.

Get Involved

If you are interested in lending your support and expertise to the "Made in NY" PA Training Program, please forward your full name, contact telephone number, email address and resume to Or visit BWI's website.

PAs of the Month

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