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National Book Foundation's National Book Awards

The National Book Foundation has been the administer the National Book Awards for 71 years. The National Book Awards is the publishing industries most celebrated and coveted industry honor. This year MOME has partnered with the National Book Foundation to spotlight NYC's role as the preeminent home of the book publishing industry. NYC's ecosystem of publishing houses, talented authors, iconic bookstores, and libraries has long fostered the creation of some of the world's most renowned literature.

Join MOME and NBF in celebrating the books, titles and authors that were created here in NYC.

20 of the 25, 2021 National Book Awards finalist titles were written or published in NYC, including all 5 finalists for Fiction. For the month of November, join us in a celebration campaign highlighting those prestigious NYC connected titles on our subways in our independent bookstores and in our libraries and be sure to read and support.

Help promote the campaign to Celebrate NYC Books and download the materials to share on with your networks.

Press release - NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment Partners with National Book Foundation to Shine a Light On NYC's Book Publishing Industry.