info on crews in your community
Photo Courtesy of David Poe via Flickr Creative Commons.License.

Whenever you see a "Made in NY" truck, it means a film or television show is being created right here in our City. With New York City's iconic and unique sites and neighborhoods and some of the top talent in the country, NYC is a popular place for film production! Filming here also means 130,000 jobs for New Yorkers and billions of dollars into the City's economy, including local businesses.

Filming in your neighborhood

  • As early as possible, productions will post "No Parking" signs and resident letters to notify you of upcoming filming.
  • Pedestrian and vehicular traffic will flow as normally as possible. You will definitely be able to access your home, work and local business. Occasionally, you may be asked to pause a few minutes during a scene. Your patience is appreciated!

Parking information
At the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, we understand that a temporary loss of parking is an inconvenience. That's why we strictly limit the amount of parking spots productions are granted. We also send field reps to monitor productions and, an NYPD officer is assigned to most sets and will ensure the production is complying with its permit.

Car relocation
A production company will post signs in advance stating the date and time residents must move their vehicles. If you do not move your vehicle in time you will be relocated to the nearest available legal parking spot on the street. Please call 311 to determine where your car has been relocated. If you require further assistance locating your vehicle, contact us at 212-489-6710.

Lighting disturbances
If filming causes bright lights to shine through your window, ask the location manager for black out material, or a fabric that covers your windows.

If an issue arises, we can help you
MOME expects crews to be courteous and accommodating to residents and business owners at all times. Production should always provide safe pedestrian walkways and allow access for buses, trucks, vans and cars. If you are experiencing a problem, explain your situation to the production assistants on set or, for larger shoots, the NYPD officer on site will assist you. If a problem remains, contact us immediately by dialing 212-489-6710. Do not wait until after the shoot. We will take appropriate action right away. After business hours, you can contact a Supervisor of the NYPD Movie/TV Unit at 646-739-9900.

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