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Digital Gaming Application

"Made In NY" Marketing Credit Program for Digital Gaming Media Productions


Section 1: Applicant Information

Section 2: Description of the Digital Game

Section 3: Digital Game’s Production Costs

Summary of the Digital Game's Production Costs
Total Production Costs $
Total Production Costs incurred in NYC $
Percentage of Total Production Costs incurred in NYC %

Include the following in your calculation of "production costs":
  • any costs for wages or salaries paid to individuals directly employed for services performed by those individuals directly and predominantly in the creation of a digital gaming media production or productions, not exceeding $100,000 per individual; and
  • payments for services performed and property used directly and predominantly in the development (including concept creation), design, production (including testing), editing (including encoding), and compositing (including the integration of digital files for interaction by end users) of digital gaming media.

Do not include the following in your calculation of "production costs":
  • wages, salaries, or other income distribution paid to any person who serves in the role of chief executive officer, chief financial officer, president, treasurer, or similar position if the applicant has more than ten employees,
  • any income or other distribution including, but not limited to, licensing or royalty fees, to any individual who holds an ownership interest in the applicant, whether or not such individual is serving in the role of chief executive officer, chief financial officer, president, treasurer, or similar position,
  • costs incurred for the acquisition of intellectual property rights of a character from a third party,
  • distribution costs,
  • costs incurred in the marketing, promotion or advertising of a digital game, and
  • other costs not directly and predominantly related to the creation, development, design, production, editing, or compositing of a qualified digital gaming media production.

Section 4: Eligibility Questions

  1. Check one or more: Is your Digital Game -
      • video simulation, animation, text, audio, graphics, or similar gaming characteristics in digital format, and
      • interactive features of digital gaming (for example, links, message boards, communities or content manipulation).

  2. Does your Digital Game contain obscene material (as defined in section 235 of the New York Penal Law)?

  3. Is your Digital Game used primarily for electronic commerce, gambling, or political advocacy?

  4. Did you receive a marketing credit from MOME for another Digital Game during the past 365 days?

Section 5: "Made in NY" Logo

  1. Will you include the "Made in NY" logo in all artwork provided for media assets provided pursuant to this Program?

  2. Will you include the following in the Digital Game?
    • the "Made in NY" logo in a location readily accessible and easily readable by the end user and
    • the phrase, "The 'Made in NY' logo is a trademark of the City of New York and is used with the City's permission," next to the logo?

    • If you answered "NO" to B, explain the reason and propose an alternative location for the logo and phrase:

Section 6: Other Program Requirements

  1. You must donate money to a Cultural Institution on MOME's list or to a Community Organization identified through New York City Council Participatory Budgeting (contact the City Council for a list). (The contribution is capped at $10,000.)
    • $

  2. Do you agree to comply with the terms in the attached agreement?

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