NYC Media Production Handbooks

NYC Media Production Handbooks

The purpose of the NYC Media Production Handbook for Television Producers and Radio Producers (called the “Handbook” for short) is to explain many of the important rules, policies, and specifications that apply to the broadcast of our programs and provide forms we collect from producers that work with us. The Handbook does not cover every possible situation that may arise or every law, but we’ve tried to address the most common matters.

It is important that you read the Handbook and refer to it while you are producing your program (if applicable). If you don’t follow the Handbook or if your program violates the law, we might have to ask you to change your program, immediately stop broadcasting it, or terminate our agreement (if applicable). If you have any questions about the Handbook, please contact NYC Media.

Finally, this Handbook is subject to change. Even if the Handbook does not address a situation, NYC Media may require changes necessary to broadcast a program and comply with the law.

NYC Media Production Handbook for Television Producers

NYC Media Production Handbook for Radio Producers