Below Are Descriptions of CB7's Standing Committees

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Business & Consumer Issues Committee

Meets on the second Wednesday of the month, 6:30 PM

Joshua Cohen and Benjamin Wu, Co-Chairpersons

Members: Barbara Adler, Murat Akaydin, Linda Alexander, Doug Kleiman, Daria Kim, Andrew Rigie and Anthony Thomas.

The major tasks for the Business and Consumer Issues Committee are the review of State Liquor Authority (SLA) applications for bars, restaurants and hotels; review and approve new enclosed and unenclosed café applications and their renewals; and review street fair permit renewals. We also mediate quality of life issues between the community and various business interests. We hold "ex-officio" positions on the three Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in our district: the Lincoln Square, Columbus-Amsterdam and Columbus Avenue BIDs.

The committee has also expanded its interests to include annual Business to Business (B2B) networking receptions and programs that include special guest speakers from Business, Government and the Non-Profit Sectors. Due to the growth in the BCI Committee, we also have a Cultural Affairs subcommittee which serves as a liaison between the numerous cultural institutions/colleges and the community.

BCI takes a particular interest in being a proactive committee, engaging all committee members and developing strategic partnerships between national corporate businesses and the small businesses in our community that are crucial to a lively and thriving residential West Side community.

Health & Human Services Committee

Meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month, 6:30 PM

Sheldon J. Fine and William Ortiz, Co-Chairpersons

Members: Ken Coughlin, Audrey Isaacs, Rhonda Marshall, Ben Rosenfield and Ava Stryker-Robbins.

The Health and Human Services Committee evaluates and advocates for the quality, location, availability and appropriateness of public and private services to special needs populations in the community including the homeless, children, elderly, mentally ill, abused, persons with AIDS, the disabled, and addicted.

Housing Committee

Meets on the second Monday of the month, 6:30 PM

Louisa Craddock and Tibita Kaneene, Co-Chairpersons

Members: Jami Floyd, Miranda Goodwin-Raab, Rhonda Marshall, George Morillo, Ira Mitchneck, Melissa K. Rosenberg, Ethel Sheffer, Polly Spain and Howard Yaruss.

The Housing Committee is concerned with the full range of housing issues, including the quality of housing stock, housing rent and maintenance regulations, the preservation and expansion of the supply of affordable housing in the district, issues concerning public housing, and issues affecting the safety, security and peaceful enjoyment of homes and apartments by their residents.

The committee deals with matters concerning each and all government agencies that are involved with housing, from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, to NYCHA, to the Department of Buildings, to property tax regulations overseen by the Department of Finance.

CB7's Housing Core Principles

  • Our community contains a sufficient quantity and diversity of housing types that enable citizens from all economic levels and age groups to live within its boundaries.
  • Existing affordable housing units are protected from demolition or conversion, and retained for use by those in need.
  • All residents feel safe and secure in and near their homes at all hours of the day and night.
  • All residents are free from risk of injury or illness due to remediable conditions in their home or immediate neighborhood.
  • All residents are free from housing discrimination or harassment.
  • The environmental sustainability of all buildings is ensured through the use of designs, materials, and practices that minimize harmful environmental impacts throughout building life-cycles, from construction to occupation to renovation to demolition.
  • Tenants and landlords are encouraged and empowered to work jointly to develop healthy building communities and resolve problems together.
  • Open spaces in public and private housing projects are preserved and accessible.

Land Use Committee

Meets on the third Wednesday of the month, 6:30 PM

Richard Asche, Chair
Members: Page Cowley, Louisa Craddock, Sheldon J. Fine, Miranda Goodwin-Raab, Tibita Kaneene, Klari Neuwelt, Seema Reddy, Melissa K. Rosenberg, Peter Samton and Ethel Sheffer.

The Land Use Committee gives Upper West Side residents and businesses a role in molding the form and content of our urban space. The Committee considers proposed land development or enlargement of existing projects which require permission of the Board of Standards and Appeals or the City Planning Commission. These include variances from permitted bulk, size or use rules, amendments to the Zoning Resolution, large scale projects, notifications to restrictive declarations, and the formulation and review of environmental impact studies. Additionally, the Land Use Committee pro-actively seeks to develop a long-term vision for development on the Upper West Side.

Parks & Environment Committee

Meets on the third Monday of the month, 6:30 PM

Natasha Kazmi and Daria Kim, Co-Chairpersons
Members: Barbara Adler, Murat Akaydin, Linda Alexander, Avi Flatto-Katz, Elizabeth Caputo, Daria Kim, and Erana Stennett.

The Parks and Environment Committee addresses community needs and resources related to public open space, recreation, and sustainability. The committee works closely with the Department of Parks and Recreation to review and comment on park designs, concession applications, and use patterns. The committee also mediates conflicts between groups that share public resources.

Preservation Committee

Meets on the second Thursday of the month, 6:30 PM

K Karpen and Madge Rosenberg, Co-Chairpersons
Members: Jay Adolf, Page Cowley, Mark Diller, George Morillo, Klari Neuwelt, Michele Parker and Peter Samton.

The Preservation Committee is concerned with maintaining and enhancing the aesthetic and historic character of the Upper West Side, reviewing proposed changes to individually designated landmarks as well as to properties listed within the Upper West Side's Historic Districts. The committee may also make recommendations regarding the surrounding streetscapes to ensure appropriateness within the historic context of the surrounding neighborhood.

The focus of the committee's work is directed by the City Charter mandate that Community Boards review matters prior to consideration by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The committee, and then the full Board, reviews proposed changes to individually designated landmarks as well as to properties listed within the Upper West Side's Historic District. A determination is made as to whether or not a particular project is "appropriate" to the landmark or within the context of the Historic District and that determination is conveyed to LPC in an advisory resolution. In making our determination, we solicit comment from the community at large and interested organizations.

Transportation Committee

Meets on the second Tuesday of the month, 6:30 PM

Andrew Albert and Mark N. Diller, Co-Chairpersons
Members: Jay Adolf, Alex Bell, Elizabeth Caputo, Ken Coughlin, Jami Floyd, Doug Kleiman, Andrew Rigie, Erana Stennett and Howard Yaruss.

The Transportation Committee addresses every aspect of the district's transportation needs, including infrastructure, streets, sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, traffic signals, traffic patterns, street usage, signage, bus and subway service, ferries, and all types of vehicular uses including automobiles, trucks, bicycles, scooters, skates, wheelchairs, strollers, as well as pedestrians. The committee works closely with the Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and other agencies, with an eye toward making the streets, sidewalks, and transit facilities of the Upper West Side the best they can be.

Youth, Education, & Libraries Committee

Meets on the third Thursday of the month, 6:30 PM

Kristen Berger and Kevin Reevey, Co-Chairpersons
Members: Alex Bell, Avi Flatto-Katz, Daria Kim, Audrey Isaacs, Blanche Lawton, Ira Mitchneck, Michele Parker, Seema Reddy and Ava Stryker-Robbins.

The focus of YEL is to engage with the community regarding the quality, needs and accessibility of our public libraries, our youth and youth facilities and our schools.

YEL works with youth, parents, concerned citizens, school and community-based organizations, governmental agencies, and to address the concerns and needs of young people across Community Board 7. Our focus ranges from capital improvements at local libraries to the availability of after school and youth employment opportunities to capacity issues in our school system.

Steering Committee

Meets the third Tuesday of the month, 6:30 PM

Beverly Donohue, Chair
Members: Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, and Task Force Co-Chairs

Strategy & Budget Committee

Meets as needed.

Roberta Semer and Anthony Thomas, Co-Chairpersons
Member: Blanche Lawton

Executive Committee

Beverly Donohue, Chair
Doug Kleiman, Vice-Chair
Seema Reddy, Treasurer
Barbara Adler, Co-Secretary
Alex Bell, Co-Secretary

CB7 Task Forces

Meet as needed. Please watch our Calendar of Events for schedule.

Senior Task Force

Roberta Semer, Chair
Members: Roberta Semer, Louisa Craddock, K Karpen, Madge Rosenberg, Ellen Amstutz, Connor Callahan, Aaron Rooney, Jennifer Cinclair, Sherri Lerner, Paula Seefeldt, Lisa Beth Miller, Maggie Walters, Bonnie Lumagui, Daniel Leinweber, Mark Jennings, Robin Strashun, Brian Kravitz, Daniela Breton, Ed Amador, Shula Puder, Laura Hardjowirogo, Emmet Sklar, Erik Cuello, Erica Overton, Grant Dennis, Tevon Williams, Hannah Weinerman, Jacques Brunvil, and Tiffany Pryor.