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Answer to Enforcement Proceedings

Use this form to file an Answer to an Enforcement Proceeding.

Certification of Article 7-B Compliance

Use this form to certify that the owner has achieved compliance with the standards of safety and fire protection contained in Article 7-B of the Multiple Dwelling Law.

Change of Address or Ownership

Use this form to report a change in ownership (including a net lessee), managing agent and/or address.

Declaration of Intent

This form must be completed when a unit is being converted to non-residential use.

Cooperative/Condominium Exemption Form

Use this form to file in conjunction with an application for removal of a building form the Loft Board's jurisdiction. Complete this form ONLY if ownership of the interim multiple dwelling (IMD) has been converted to a cooperative or a condominium and a certificate of occupancy has been issued by the NYC Department of the Buildings for the residential portions of the building.

FOIL Request Form

Use this form to request to view files or obtain copies of files for requested premises.

Improvement Sales Record Form

Use this form when owner purchases a tenant's improvements. The owner must complete and file this form with the Loft Board within 30 days of the purchase of improvements.

Legalization Progress Report

Complete the Legalization Progress Report if the Owner has not obtained a residential Certification of Occupancy for the spaces covered under Article 7-C of the Multiple Dwelling Law (MDL). If required to file, complete parts 1 to 6 and attach documentation of any new legalization stage reached. Include a description of the legalization work in the legalization plan and narrative statement certified by the Loft Board, completed within the last thirty (30) days. Attach additional sheets if necessary.

Letter of No Objection Form

Use this form to submit necessary information to Loft Board Staff to process a request for a Letter of No Objection.

Lift Hold Request Form

The New York City Department of Buildings places a hold on all IMD buildings. Lift Hold requests via email are processed in the order in which they are received. This process can take between 24-48 hours. To expedite this process, please make sure to properly complete the Lift Hold Request Form including the reason for lifting the hold and attach the Loft Board approval letter for the job related to the lift hold request.

Please email your Lift Hold Request Form and approval letter to: Alternatively, you can submit your Lift Hold Request Form in person at our office for immediate assistance.

Before this hold can be lifted, the Loft Board staff must issue an approval letter for the job in the form of a Letter of No Objection for work that does not affect IMD spaces or a Loft Board Certification for work affecting IMD spaces. A copy of the Loft Board approval letter must be submitted with the Lift Hold Request Form.

Once the hold has been lifted, it will remain lifted for three business days for the approved purpose only. The Loft Board staff reserves the right to ask for additional information before lifting the hold.

Narrative Statement Form

This form must be prepared for all areas in the building in which work is to be performed including both residential and non-residential units and common areas.

Waiver Form – Narrative Statement Process

Use this form if you are a residential occupant (i.e. tenant or co-op/condo owner) in a Loft unit who wants to waive compliance with the Narrative Statement process.

Notice of Increase to Rent Guidelines Board Form

Use this form to request annual or biannual rent increases equal to the Rent Guidelines Board increases for units in an interim multiple dwelling.

Owner Emergency Contact Information Form

Owners must use this form to provide an address and telephone number where a responsible party can be reached at all times for emergencies.

Sale of Record Form

Use this form when tenants sell their rights under Section (§) 286(12) of Article 7-C, of the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law (MDL) and § 2-10 of Title 29 of the Rules of the City of New York (29 RCNY). The form contains Parts A through D.

Sales of Improvement Disclosure Form

Use this form to record a purchase of a tenant's improvements

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