Battery Park City Resilience Projects

Battery Park City Resilience Projects

3d map of Battery Park City

In Battery Park City, the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA), is advancing coastal protection projects to adapt to new climate conditions. BPCA kicked off design in 2018 and started an early phase of pile restoration in support of the projects in 2020. Construction of the barrier systems will begin in 2022.

BPCA is proceeding with the following perimeter resiliency projects to provide risk reduction for Battery Park City and parts of adjacent neighborhoods in response to the threats of storm surge and sea level rise:

  • The South Battery Park City Resiliency Project, which contemplates creation of a continuous flood barrier from the Museum of Jewish Heritage, through Wagner Park, across Pier A Plaza, and along the northern border of Historic Battery Park, to a designated elevation point just west of State Street.
  • The Combined North & West Battery Park City Resiliency Project, inclusive of --
    • The North BPC perimeter project area, which will span BPC's North Esplanade and entail a deployable barrier crossing of West Street / Route 9A, extending to an assigned elevation point in Tribeca. This area represents one of BPC's (and Lower Manhattan's) most vulnerable points for storm surge inundation and flooding.
    • The West BPC perimeter project area, which will encompass a new line of flood protection to be woven into the neighborhood along or adjacent to the waterfront at the western edge of Battery Park City.

The BPCA Resiliency Projects will be designed to be capable of connecting with each other, as well as other component projects of the Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency Plan.

Lead: Battery Park City Authority
Funding: South Battery Park City Resiliency Project ($221M, current budget), North & West Battery Park City Authority ($631M, current budget)

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